2021 Toyota Yaris Cross earns five-star safety rating

Credit: drive.com.au Toyota’s pint-size city SUV has earned top marks in the latest round of crash tests. The 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross city SUV has been awarded five stars for crash safety following a series of tests in Australia and Europe – with right- and left-hand-drive vehicles. Most testing was conducted in Australia – including […]

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Will Ola Electric galvanize India’s EV movement like how Tesla did worldwide?

Credit: auto.hindustantimes.com Massive manufacturing facility, low booking amount, high production capabilities and claims of breakthrough product – Ola Electric and Tesla appear to have more similarities that you would expect. Ola Electric may not be regarded as pioneers of Indian electric vehicle movement and at first glance, comparisons to global EV leader Tesla may seem rather […]

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Are electric vehicles poised to kill the gasoline engine car? Welcome to the ‘golden age’ of EVs

Credits: www.usatoday.com After years of sluggish adoption, electric vehicles are poised for a sharp increase in sales, new products and investments that could eventually make the gasoline engine a thing of the past. Look no further than Wall Street, where investors are positively giddy about the prospect of established automakers offeringfull lineups of electric vehicles, like General Motors, and […]

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Is The 2021 Mercedes C-Class Similar To The S-Class?

Read more: www.hotcars.com Mercedes will have to ensure that the C-Class stands out among its rivals, but is it any different to the S-Class? Regarding electric vehicles, the cat is truly out of the bag and Mercedes has now joined the race to increase its share in this new market. Since the news was announced that […]

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Automakers urge dealers to enforce strict coronavirus precautions

Redford Township — Strict health measures such as mandatory mask-wearing and daily temperature checks have been the norm in auto plants since mid-May, when the U.S. auto industry resumed production of cars, trucks and SUVs after a pandemic-induced shutdown. But in showrooms and on the lots where customers actually purchase vehicles, the rules are less uniform as auto dealers navigate a patchwork of […]


Stanford researchers one step closer toward enabling electric cars to recharge themselves wirelessly as they drive

Engineers have demonstrated a practical way to use magnetism to transmit electricity wirelessly to recharge electric cars, robots or even drones. The technology could be scaled up to power electric cars as they drive over highways, robots on factory floors and drones hovering over rooftops. Stanford engineers have taken a big step toward making it […]