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Three Audis Make Autocar’s Top 100 Most Beautiful Cars

Audi has a long history of making handsome, smart looking cars but not many of them are traditionally beautiful. Typically, a good looking Audi is subtle, smooth and sophisticated. However, Autocar seems to think that at least three Audis are not only beautiful but deserve spots on the list of the top 100 most beautiful cars of all time.


It’s hard to disagree with this car making the list. The first-generation Audi A5, part of the B8 generation of A4/A5, was and still is a gorgeous car. The Walter da Silva-designed coupe is a masterclass in affordable beauty. The B8 Audi A5 was affordable to most upper-middle class families and didn’t require a huge budget to attain. Yet, it was one of the absolute prettiest cars on sale back in its day. Even today, its muscular beauty is still desirable.


While this new Audi R8 is a great looking car, it’s not exactly beautiful. It’s sharp, aggressive and exciting but it’s not traditionally beautiful. However, the first-gen car was and still is. Its curvaceous design, short overhangs and understated supercar design was lovely when it was new and actually looks even better today.

Even more than a decade later, the first-gen Audi R8 is a stunner and a car that many enthusiasts want to pick up on the used market.


The Mk1 Audi TT as the highest listed Audi on this list. It’s a beautiful car, no doubt, but better looking than the B8 Audi A5? Autocar thinks so. It’s also a bit hard to argue. Not only was the original TT a gorgeous Bauhaus design that was instantly popular but it’s quickly becoming a modern classic, with younger enthusiasts learning to appreciate its style.

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