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2021 Audi Q5 Features: 362 HP With The Hybrid Engine

Audi Q5 is the ultimate SUV that provides comfort, luxury, and performance under one hud. It has been a good choice in the SUV market and maintained its strandings. SUV’s are practice and can be adjusted in any circumstance. New 2021 is better and upgraded so that it can come upon the price that a customer pays and deliver good value for it. Q5 series is well-liked, and the new features with the latest tech piece attract the buys towards it. Tech connects the driver to the car and understands the information which the driver inputs.

The price range starts from $43,300, and an additional feature will be taking more money out of your bank account. Talking about the performance, it has a horsepower of 362 with a torque of 369 lb-ft. It can go 0-60 in around 5.0 seconds. The 362 hp is thrown by the combination of battery and fuel. It is an all-wheel-drive, making the power usage effectiveness, and the overall driving experience is better.

Like any other Audi car, it has the classic looks of the exterior. Having a big grill on the front for ventilation. Headlight and indicators on both ends of the front and, of course, the logo in the middle of the grill. The shape of each component is upgraded to give it a modern look. The 18-inch tire is standard, but you can get a 19-inch wheel by paying an extra $800.  Black and white color are given without charging extra, but any other flashy colors come at a price. The rear side has a high profile with a backlight and indicator. Build quality and design are good and keep the legacy of Q5 alive.

The interior of the Audi Q5 is quite luxurious, with handstitched seats and Decorative Inlays on the dashboard along with the doors. Different controls are given all over on the dashboard, steering wheel, and center dashboard. To control media settings, it has an infotainment screen which has apple play, android auto, which lets you pair any device easily. The speedometer is analog, and a digital screen is present in the middle, which shows all the important information while driving. It has all the necessary things like cupholders and charging ports. Push start and keyless entry are also available. Manual transmission is included, and various driving modes set the car according to the road and circumstances.

Safety and comfort are also considered in this whole package. Airbags, a good braking system is being used, which can be life-saving in certain cases. Advanced driver assistance is there to help the driver control the car. Comfort starts from the seats and ends at the suspension, which makes the drive experience smooth. Road bumps are handled well, and the turns in corners are fluid as the car’s overall weight is balanced. Audi claims the cargo is  Always properly secure, which is right. The cargo space is enough to carry 3-4 bags. Good for long drives and city to city travel. The features are convenient and worth getting at this price.

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