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Is The 2021 Mercedes C-Class Similar To The S-Class?

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Mercedes will have to ensure that the C-Class stands out among its rivals, but is it any different to the S-Class?

Regarding electric vehicles, the cat is truly out of the bag and Mercedes has now joined the race to increase its share in this new market. Since the news was announced that the German car giant was releasing a new C-Class model, many auto geeks no doubt got excited.

And there’s more good news to come – customers get to choose from a sedan or estate C-Class model.

Nonetheless, the German car manufacturer will face a lot of rivalry from Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Tesla, and Alfa Romeo, who are all releasing their own formidable electric vehicles this year.

Mercedes will have to ensure that the C-Class stands out among its rivals, but is it any different to the S-Class?

Here is everything we know about the new model so far. 

What Do We Know About The 2021 Mercedes C-Class’s Engine?

A plug-in version of the C-Class, which Mercedes claims will travel up to 62 miles on a single charge, is due to be released in the future. According to CAR Magazine, particular markets will be offered a diesel plug-in hybrid option later on.

But for now, the 2021 Mercedes C-Class will have a vast engine range. Each one will include a nine-speed automatic gearbox. The C180 and C200 ranges will both have 1.5-liter engines that can go up to 0-62 mph, with the former reaching that speed in 8.6 seconds, and the latter getting there in 7.3 seconds. They are rather fast, too, as they can travel up to 168 bhp and 201 bhp respectively. The C200 is available with 4Matic all-wheel drive.

For those who still like to drive diesel cars, then the C-Class fits this category well. The C220d and C300d trims will both use the increasingly unpopular fuel and they will have 2.0-liter engines as well. The C220d’s speed is capable of 197 bhp and it can travel up to 297 bhp in 7.3 seconds. The C300d is even better in that regard as it can reach 261 bhp and it can go up to 0-62 mph in a stunning 5.7 seconds.

When it comes to choice, the 2021 Mercedes C-Class does not disappoint because there is one more trim on offer. The C300 will also feature a 2.0-liter engine that is capable of 254 bhp. In six seconds, the car can reach 0-62 mph. Like with the C200, the C300 is on offer with 4Matic all-wheel drive as well.

Rear-wheel steering is now available on the C-Class. If used correctly, the rear wheels will be able to turn by approximately 2.5 degrees.

A new turbocharger will be included on the 2021 Mercedes C-Class. It is very responsive and efficient, and it can achieve an average of between 36-46 mpg when it combines with electrical assistance, but Autocar reports that this depends upon the car’s specification. Either way, the new Mercedes model emits 141-180 g/km of CO2.

What Do We Know About The 2021 Mercedes C-Class’s Design?

New rear LED lights have been added to the new Mercedes car, and its exterior surfacing is far smoother than the S-Class’s. The front grille design, though, depends on the trim level. But its exterior does not represent a huge departure from the S-Class.

Customers will be able to choose from three new colors.

The most radical changes are inside the new C-Class. It introduces a 9.5-inch central touchscreen as standard and it is massive. But if that size is inadequate for some drivers, they should not be disheartened as there is a bigger 11.9-inch display on the options list. The buttons on the dashboard are rather snazzy and digital instruments in general are standard. The 2021 C-Class’s modern interior should help it stand out among its rivals as it seems pretty advanced, but its inspiration clearly came from the S-Class.

There are advanced safety features such as digital lights which can alert drivers if drivers travel the wrong way down a slip road.

If drivers are worried about returning to an empty house, the voice assistant can let them know if anyone is at home. The MBUX infotainment system can be joined to smart home devices to assist drivers with their navigation, and it is the car’s coolest safety feature by a long shot. And the 2021 C-Class gets more advanced thanks to the German car brand’s augmented-reality navigation.

Other freaky and futuristic devices include a fingerprint scanner that can load up a driver’s Mercedes Me profile quickly, which can let drivers know whether their car can’t start for a particular reason, and it can allow them to lock and unlock their vehicle.