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This Is What Makes Ford Skyranger The Rarest Ford Truck

The Ford Skyranger is arguably the rarest of them all, with less than 20 made in the world. Since Ford began in 1903, it has made vehicles for speed, versatility, and comfort. From supercars to pickup trucks, the car manufacturer has covered it all. Among its best and rarest models are its trucks. The Ford Skyranger is arguably the rarest of them all, with less than 20 made in the world. This extended-cab convertible ranger is a four-wheel-drive that boasts a 4-liter engine.

The History Of The Ford Skyranger

During the 1980s, Ford produced several pickup trucks. The collection was known as the F-series. Upgrades and features were new body designs and chassis’. This series of pickup trucks from Ford were easy to distinguish due to their square appearance and loud engines. They were mass-produced and extremely popular for those who loved pickup trucks.In the late ’80s, Ford turned its ideas to rare and more premium designs. New features included improved trims, headlights, and grilles. During this decade, Ford offered over 150 pickup truck models. Of which, none were very unique.

Then, in the very early ’90s, the team decided to pass over an extended-cab pickup truck design for an outside team to build. In this production, only 17 models were produced for the first sale, which was the Ford SkyRanger.At the time, the SkyRanger was not a huge success, for several reasons we will share later. This meant that Ford did not produce any more SkyRanger’s. Hence, why they are so rare now because only 17 were made. However, this small production birthed the rarest Ford pickup truck ever made. More on its features and facts to follow.

Ford Skyranger’s Features

The custom-built 1991 SkyRanger comes equipped with an impressive engine for its time. Inside, the Ford pickup truck boasts a 4L 155 horsepower V6 Cologne. This produces a five-speed transmission and beautiful sound. Due to it being a convertible extended cab, the roof is a soft top and suitable for all weathers. When the roof is down, there is a tonneau cover to use as a second option, which gives the car a fun yet sleek look.

Like most pickup trucks, especially Ford’s, the SkyRanger is an all-wheel-drive to suit all terrains and inclines. The five-speed manual transmission also improves the performance and capabilities of the pickup truck. Varying speeds allow the car to slowly build horsepower, to give it the resistance it needs to drive over rocky terrains. As it is an old model, the car may not be quite as smooth as today’s pickup truck. But, the transmission will allow it to do the job that pickup trucks are designed to do.

More Unknown Facts About The Ford Skyranger

There are several SkyRanger’s on the market today with very low mileage, which makes the price even higher. Some are even as low as 7,000 on the odometer. The most famous model of the SkyRanger was sold to Marc Perry, a Shelby Town resident. In 2008, Perry purchased the lowest mileage SkyRanger due to its huge popularity and his love for unique cars. This model has custom wheels and driving lights, which made the car even rarer.

The most surprising piece of information released to the world was that Ford did not actually build this car. Ford produced sample models by paying a private company. From there, these models and ideas were reportedly sold onto Clark Kaiser Customs and Professional Auto Crafters. Here, the SkyRanger was finalized and produced into the rare 17 models. During manufacturing, the team decided on using a borrowed engine from a Mazda. This trial succeeded and was then a key part of the car’s design.

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