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Ferrari 312P Gets Aggressive Cyberpunk 2077 Rendering

Artist Le Yang Bai imagined what a futuristic Le Mans hypercar could look like.Cyberpunk 2077 has taken the gaming world by storm recently, even though players on Xbox One and Playstation 4 have not had much to smile about. Yet aside from the gaming itself, it allowed people to roam around in rather crazy cars. And that got a lot of talented renders thinking this: What if we create real-life cars for the Cyberpunk world? Well, artist Le Yan Bai has uploaded this project of his onto Behance, and this it’s an amazing Ferrari that could well be perfect for the Cyberpunk world.

A Mix Of Le Mans And Cyberpunk

This what Le Yan Bai says about his own design: “This was a straightforward project mostly intended to test the features of Blender. The FerRAR.EXE is a mixture of a Ferrari 312P homage and the style Cyberpunk 2077, imagining what a LeMans hyper-car may look like in that world and that year.”

When you look at the upcoming Le Mans hypercars that are set to debut in the World Endurance Championship next season, you have to agree that this is pretty close to that, except with that Cyberpunk edge to it. And there have been a few supercars and hypercars rendered to look like they are Cyberpunk worthy as well.

Aggressive Styling

What can we see then ourselves from the renders? Well, let’s just take a quick look at the basic exterior. Holy wow, this thing looks great. Painted in this dark gray with blacked-out windows, it looks epic.

It has aggressive-looking headlights at the front and then the splitter too, adding a whole ton of downforce no doubt to negotiate Le Mans’ legendary curves. Then there are the wheels without traditional rims.

Close Up Shots

Then again, they have the be out of this world to fit into the Cyberpunk universe! Le has also added some close-up shots that can be found on the project page for this car. These focus mostly on the rear, specifically where the taillights are. They are encased in this rather aggressive-looking surround and stick out from the inner bodywork of the car. The whole thing really does look like it should be added into the game. From the back, you can really see the classic lines of the Ferrari 312P, one of the all-time classic Le Mans racers.