Volvo to go leather-free in all electric models

Credit: Firm will look to reduce animal harm by implementing more sustainable and recycled materials into its cars All new fully electric Volvo models will be completely leather-free from 2025, with many interior options set to be replaced by more sustainable materials. The change comes as the manufacturer looks to reduce animal harm and its contribution to […]


Geely recharges Renault’s Chinese ambitions with hybrid tie-up

Credit: Joint venture to build cars under French company’s brand in world’s largest market Volvo Car owner Geely will team up with the Renault group on hybrid vehicles in China and South Korea, in the latest European alliance for the largest private-sector Chinese automaker in the world’s biggest auto market. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group […]

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Volvo partners with all-female group on custom PV544 for SEMA – engine from S60 Polestar Engineered

Credits: The Volvo PV544 may not be the most recognisable of Gothenburg’s models, overshadowed by its Amazon and P1800 contemporaries as well as the boxier later models. But the ’60s fastback is being given a new lease of life thanks to Girl Gang Garage, a network of women dedicated to increasing gender diversity in the automotive […]

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Volvo Cars Puts The Planet First With Its Sustainable Choices To Make Big Difference

Credits: It was back in 2018 when the IPCC had warned that we only have twelve years to prevent the catastrophic damages that can be caused by climate change. We’re now in 2021 and there’s a greater need to step up our game to fight global climate change. A lot of people might not be aware […]

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Upcoming electric cars in India: 5 cars that we are most excited about

Credits: With more and more car manufacturers focusing their efforts on making EVs, it is only a matter of time before we have an EV in every segment and by every major company. The year 2021 will witness the launched of many electric cars and here are five of them that we are looking […]

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Are electric vehicles poised to kill the gasoline engine car? Welcome to the ‘golden age’ of EVs

Credits: After years of sluggish adoption, electric vehicles are poised for a sharp increase in sales, new products and investments that could eventually make the gasoline engine a thing of the past. Look no further than Wall Street, where investors are positively giddy about the prospect of established automakers offeringfull lineups of electric vehicles, like General Motors, and […]

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Volvo C40 Recharge EV debuts with 420km range

Credits: The new Volvo C40 Recharge is sleeker and lower in its design, but comes with all the functionalities of an SUV. Following the introduction of the Volvo XC40 Recharge last year, Swedish carmaker Volvo Cars introduced the all-new C40 Recharge electric vehicle based on the CMA vehicle platform and debuts as the first […]

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Volvo Cars to double U.S. footprint, as it aims to go all electric by 2030

Credits: Volvo Cars’s aggressive push to go all electric by the end of this decade, is expected to expand the company’s U.S. operations significantly over the next several years, according to the President and CEO of Volvo Cars USA. Anders Gustafsson told Yahoo Finance Live that Volvo planned to double or triple the size […]

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Lifting the veil on electric vehicle subsidies

Credits: Electric vehicles are the future. Everyone will want one because they’re emission-free, ecologically responsible and more affordable every year. That’s why GM, Volvo and other manufacturers will soon be making only EVs. Or so we’re told. Some people’s driving habits and incomes certainly make buying an EV an easy choice. But why do […]

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Volvo boss: electrification key to post-coronavirus growth

Hakan Samuelsson says the firm’s push towards a fully electrified line-up by 2025 will help it bounce back from impact of Covid-19 Volvo boss Hakan Samuelsson believes that the firm’s heavy focus on electrification and connectivity will help it to achieve long-term growth despite the coronavirus pandemic hitting sales and revenue in the first half of 2020. While Volvo’s sales […]