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Coronavirus Effects on the Automotive Industry

With almost 17 million people already affected by the coronavirus, the automotive industry has also taken a massive hit. The automotive world is witnessing an enormous decrease in sales, with IHS Markit forecasting a possible 22% drop in light vehicle sales year on year. When the COVID-19 epidemic started in China, few expected an outbreak this big. Lockdowns have […]

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USMCA Presents Maze of Rules for U.S. Auto Industry

Matt Blunt, who heads a lobbying group representing the Detroit Three automakers, says the USMCA rules on labor value and regional origin are designed to achieve the Trump Admin.’s objective of boosting U.S. manufacturing. Automakers and suppliers will face challenges once the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement takes effect July 1.  Matt Blunt, the former governor […]

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Automakers rev up U.S. assembly lines, wary of outside risks to workers

Screening workers for COVID-19 using temperature scans and questionnaires, the automakers have detected some people who reported for work despite being sick. Some plants have been briefly shut down for disinfection, but so far, there has not been a major outbreak within a U.S. auto plant since most reopened May 18, company and United Auto […]