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Tesla and Tata Motors in Indian EV market : A hardcore rivalry or just business ?

Recently Elon Musk ( C.E.O. of Tesla Motors ) met P.M. Modi at Tesla’s headquarters in California, U.S. Musk has also announced that the company will be launching their first Tesla in India in 2021. What competitions would Tesla face after stepping into Indian markets? As one the biggest Indian automakers Tata Motors already trying […]

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ight from the first time when vehicles where first produced, someone has always been behind the wheels, monitoring and controlling its operations. However, this phenomenon is set to change with the advancements in Autonomous Driving. Also known as Automation Driving Systems (ADS), this technological evolution is expected to revolutionize transportation (by extension, businesses and societies), […]

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Elon Musk says he’s cutting Tesla Model S base price to $69,420

The base Tesla Model S will now retail for $69,420, CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet Tuesday, announcing that the “gauntlet has been thrown down” in response to Lucid’s announcement that its 406-mile Air sedan would be priced to compete with Tesla’s larger sedan. It’s the sex number and the weed number. Get it? Obvious juvenile sense of humor aside, the price […]

2020 Auto News Auto Sales Indian automobiles

Tesla in Making Moves To Have Presence In India: Scope Of Electric Vehicles In The Country

The wait for seeing Tesla in India may get over soon. Indian citizens can now brace themselves for soon being able to see Elon Musk’s Tesla cars rolling down on Indian roads! According to sources in the know, on September 10th, the revolutionary car-maker Tesla initiated discussions with the government officials of Karnataka for opening up a […]

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QOTD: Would You Ever Consider China’s Best-Selling EV?

While Tesla’s Model 3 sedan is supposedly taking the world by storm, some hot competition has been reported in China. The Hongguang MINI EV has eclipsed the offspring of Elon Musk to become the country’s best-selling electric vehicle. Though at just 28,800 yuan ($4,200), it hardly seems a fair comparison. Tesla’s minimalist sedan is larger […]

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Tesla Introduced A Business Model The World Has Not Seen Before

You can save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars with continuous improvements to a Tesla, which is a stark contrast to other automaker that do something else continuously: ask you to pay again! One of the major reasons why Tesla is winning against its competition hands down is completely overlooked, underrated, and rarely mentioned. […]

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Is Poland’s wait for a car it can call its own nearly over?

Ever since FSO, best known for its communist-era Polski Fiat and Polonez models, stopped producing automobiles in 2011, Poland has been without a car maker of its own. The automotive sector remains, however, the second largest industry in the country, accounting for around seven per cent of Polish GDP and supporting hundreds of thousands of […]

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China Tesla rival Nio is up 240% this year and the company is revamping plans to go global

Nio Founder and Chairman William Li told reporters Thursday the Chinese electric car company plans to venture into other markets starting in the second half of next year. The company would like to begin with Europe, and enter other major global markets in the next few years, Li said. Nio also announced Thursday a “battery-as-a-service” […]

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How Tesla outlined a new era for the world automobile field

FRANKFURT/BEIJING/DETROIT (Reuters) – Tesla Inc’s speedy rise to come to be the world’s most valuable carmaker could mark the begin of a new era for the world-wide automobile industry, outlined by a Silicon Valley tactic to software package that is overtaking outdated-school producing know-how. Tesla’s ascent took numerous buyers by surprise. But executives at Daimler […]