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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

Credits: www.classicdriver.com In a week of news that announced Jaguar would be going all-electric and two new potent super cars from Porsche and McLaren, lets us lose ourselves in the diversity of the buoyant Classic Driver Market. Midnight racer In the late ‘80s if you wanted a fast car it was either exotic like a […]

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Here Are The Reasons We’re Excited About The New Porsche GT3 RS

Credits: www.hotcars.com Porsche is about the release their new track-ready supercar, and we’re hyped to list for you all the ways it’s going to thrill buyers. hroughout our journey as car enthusiasts, we’ve encountered all types of opinions, dreams, and styles of all types of gearheads. Though, as Porsche-lovers, we never could quite understand those […]

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10 Most Anticipated Supercars Of 2021

2021 will be marked by a staggering number of new supercars, many of which will be fully electric. Here are the 10 everyone’s most excited about. With each passing year, technology advances, changes, and shifts. While many areas of consumer tech like cell phones are the obvious and most instantly noticeable areas when it comes […]

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Top 10 coolest new cars in 2021

2020 signals rather a compelling need to bring connectivity, autonomy, shared mobility, and electrification (together forming C.A.S.E.) into play. While the car sales were down by 39% in the first half in the U.S., the world’s second-largest market for automobile sales and production, the V.D.A. predicted the stats to recover in the second half of […]

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Bombs away! Hyperion unveils hydrogen-powered car that can hit 220mph and go more than 1,000 miles on a single tank

The XP-1 goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.2 seconds and takes only minutes to refuel Aerodynamic solar panels change position with the trajectory of the sun Hydrogen energy is renewable and doesn’t produce harmful emissions but it’s difficult and expensive to produce  Only 300 cars are being manufactured for the XP-1’s initial rollout in […]

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The Best Road-Legal Track Cars On Sale Today

Occasionally, car manufacturers will make something that’s so outrageous, we can’t help but wonder how their creation is road-legal. We all love hitting the race circuit. Whether its to release stress, socialize, or to put your skills to the limit, every car enthusiast loves a good track-day. Car manufacturers have realized this and over the […]

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Supercar Blondie Takes On The 2020 Ranger Rover Defender

Normally, the four million-plus fans of the Supercar Blondie YouTube Channel expect that its videogenic host would be getting into something sporty or luxurious. Case in point is the Dubai-based automotive reviewer’s recent experience with the 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo. But this time, the First Lady of Fast Cars takes the luxurious element down a notch when checking out Land […]

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Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Supercar Unveiled; Successor To The McLaren F1

Legendary car designer and engineer, Gordon Murray recently took the wraps off the T.50 supercar. He says that the T.50 is the successor to the iconic McLaren F1. According to Gordon Murray, the T5.0 is engineered to be the most driver-centric supercar ever built. Gordon Murray is a legend in the global automotive scenario. He […]