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All New Cars Must Have Passenger Airbag From April 1 – Dual Airbags Become Compulsory!

Credits: www.carblogindia.com As automobile enthusiasts, we are pleased to inform you that, the front passenger airbag has become compulsory in all vehicles in India. The Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways has been focusing on the safety aspects of the cars in India for quite some time now. Earlier in 2019, the government had made […]

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Smart cars breeding complacent drivers as motorists lose sight of basic safety skills, instructor warns

Credits: www.abc.net.au While vehicle manufacturer Tesla says the self-driving function on their cars does not make it fully autonomous, the ability to change lanes in traffic, park and even drive to you from inside a parking lot on its own, sounds like it is not far off. n a more affordable price range, many new […]