Next Nissan GT-R R36 set for Australia

Credit: November 2021 might mark the end of the current Nissan GT-R in Australia – but there’s a new one on the horizon, and it’s all but confirmed for Australia. The next generation of the iconic Nissan GT-R seems destined for Australian showrooms, despite new side-impact crash regulations calling time early on its predecessor […]


Nissan-backed Chinese startup WeRide develops self-driving vans

Credit: WeRide, a China-based autonomous driving startup, said on Thursday that it would start developing self-driving vans for urban logistics service, with automaker JMC (000550.SZ) and delivery firm ZTO Express (2057.HK). The Guangzhou-based startup, led by founder Tony Han, is pursuing what is known in the auto industry as a level 4 autonomous standard, […]


2023 Nissan Z is Both New and Not

Credit: Nissan says in its press release that the seventh-generation car rides on an “all-new” platform, not the current FM platform, but a PR rep told me the platform is carryover, with the car being 80 percent “all-new.” Underhood is a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that’s rated at 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. […]


Tennessee Nissan plant to close for 2 weeks due to chip shortage

Credit: Nissan says its huge factory in Smyrna, Tennessee, will close for two weeks starting Monday due to computer chip shortages brought on by a coronavirus outbreak in Malaysia. The shutdown is among the longest at any U.S. auto plant of this size since the semiconductor shortage, which has hobbled auto production worldwide, started […]

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Nissan to announce major electric car project in the UK creating thousands of new jobs

Credit: Nissan is to announce a major expansion of battery production in Sunderland creating thousands of new jobs both directly and in the supply chain Nissan is preparing to announce a major expansion of battery production in Sunderland, in a move that will create thousands of new jobs as the shift to electric vehicles […]

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Nissan, Suzuki and Mitsubishi to halt car production due to chip shortage

Credits: The global shortage of semiconductor chips has the auto industry in check, so Nissan, Suzuki and Mitsubishi plan to make fewer cars in June. Since 2020, the automotive industry has suffered from a lack of semiconductors for the chips required by vehicle electrical systems. Faced with such a shortage of components , the companies Nissan , Suzuki and Mitsubishi announced that they will stop the production of cars or […]

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Some high-end features go missing as tight chip supplies drag on

Credits: Companies forced to be creative to keep production moving When automakers were first hit with chip shortages at the end of last year, they tried idling factories until the trouble passed. But with the crisis stretching into its fifth month and getting worse, they are getting creative to keep at least some production moving forward. […]

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Credits: The major automakers are now transitioning to electric cars. But the behavior of Japanese companies seems to run counter to the current mainstream trend. There are two main reasons for this. One is that Japanese automakers have invested heavily in the field of hybrid electric cars. So they don’t want to abandon this […]

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The Fairlady Z432R Is the Most Valuable Z in the World

Credits: One of these recently sold for $800,000 at auction. Here’s why it’s the ultimate Z. “I like driving. A car is useless if it doesn’t move. By riding, the 432R is pleased.” With these simple words, accompanied by an apology for his limited English, Akira Takeuchi reveals himself to be the sort of […]

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Nissan Frontier pickup totally redesigned for first time in 17 years

It was the dinosaur of the auto industry, but the dinosaur has finally gone extinct. Nissan has finally killed the old design of its Nissan Frontier pickup. The automaker on Thursday revealed a redesigned version, marking the first total overhaul for the midsize pickup in 17 years.  Since the Frontier got its last makeover in 2004, […]