Japan Doesn’t Have Enough Electric Cars for Its EV Chargers

Credit: Japan, which Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has pledged will become carbon neutral by 2050, is grappling with a classic ‘build it and they will come’ problem. After offering subsidies to the tune of 100 billion yen ($911 million) in fiscal 2012 to build charging stations and spur electric-vehicle adoption, charging poles mushroomed.  Now, […]


How China and Japan are Competing Over Indonesia’s Car Industry

Credit: Chinese carmakers are making quick inroads into Japan’s long-standing dominance of the Indonesian auto market. After competing over high-speed rail, China and Japan are now increasingly competing with each other over Indonesia’s growing automotive market. Last week it was reported China’s Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. has announced that it is ready to re-enter […]

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Credit: Japan being world’s leading producer of all kinds of cars, SUV, MUV, sports cars, trucks, mini trucks, buses manufactures hundreds of new models every year with latest technology and features. Japanese manufactured vehicles are known for high quality, reliability and technology beyond compare throughout the world. New models with great fuel efficiency and eco-friendly technologies are launched frequently by Japanese […]

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Here’s How JDM Cars Have Influenced The Automotive Industry

Credits: The rise of Japanese manufacturer’s exports and differences between domestic and export requirements soon gave birth to JDM cars. The rise of the Japanese automotive industry is fascinating in so many ways.  It started from humble beginnings, building cars based on American and European models with limited success. Despite heavy investment from the government, […]

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Credits: If there’s been a theme to the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, it’s been electrification. Almost every manufacturer represented at the event used it to launch new electric or partially electric offerings. And the trio of Mazda, Honda, and Mitsubishi were no different. The Japanese mainstream trio all announced electric SUVs in some form, […]

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2021 Mazda CX-30 Turbo: Japanese Mastery in the Mazda CX-30

Credits: Mazda engineered the 2021 CX-30 to provide an enriching driving experience that empowers the driver to act as one with the vehicle. This philosophy extends beyond driving dynamics to the CUV’s bold styling, luxurious interior environment and exquisite attention to detail. The secret behind the CX-30’s success is the application of Japanese mastery […]

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Credits: The major automakers are now transitioning to electric cars. But the behavior of Japanese companies seems to run counter to the current mainstream trend. There are two main reasons for this. One is that Japanese automakers have invested heavily in the field of hybrid electric cars. So they don’t want to abandon this […]

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A Detailed Look Back At The Honda Integra

Credits: The Integra was such a coveted base car in the U.S. that the ’99 model was the most stolen car nationwide in 2004. The Acura Integra’s only goal was to bring driving joy to the masses, thus, becoming one of the best front-wheel-drive cars of all time. The car has helped usher one […]

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Chip shortages hit Japan car sales amid production cuts

Credit: Japan’s motor vehicle sales dropped in February for the first time in five months, in the latest sign of fallout from the global shortage of semiconductors. Sales of cars, trucks and buses slid 2.2 per cent from a year ago, the Japan Automobile Dealers’ Association reported on Monday. The sales drop is a […]

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The Fairlady Z432R Is the Most Valuable Z in the World

Credits: One of these recently sold for $800,000 at auction. Here’s why it’s the ultimate Z. “I like driving. A car is useless if it doesn’t move. By riding, the 432R is pleased.” With these simple words, accompanied by an apology for his limited English, Akira Takeuchi reveals himself to be the sort of […]