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The Most Powerful C8 Corvette On The Planet Might Be This One

Credits: www.hotcars.com FuelTech USA founder Anderson Dick and his crew managed to get this C8 to deliver 1,075 horsepower from the wheels. Automakers in the muscle car world have been jousting for public attention of late, especially with Ford’s Mustangs squaring off against Dodge’s Hellcats. But Chevrolet hasn’t been doing too shabbily, especially with its C8 Corvette dominating […]

2021 Auto News USA

GM unveils electric Hummer SUV topping $110,000

Credits: www.cnbc.com GM’s new all-electric Hummer SUV will top $110,000 when it goes on sale in 2023. The SUV will be the stablemate to an upcoming Hummer pickup that’s scheduled to go on sale this fall. They are the first Hummers since GM discontinued the well-known, gas-guzzling versions of the vehicles in 2010. General Motors unveiled […]

2021 Auto News USA

Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Would Provide Big Boost For Tesla, GM And EV Startups

Credits: www.forbes.com President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion plan to overhaul U.S. infrastructure, the biggest such initiative in more than half a century, could trigger a “green tidal wave,” in the words of one analyst, speeding the transportation industry’s shift to electricity from carbon-based fuels and generating big benefits for companies ranging from Elon Musk’s Tesla […]

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General Motors Mexico Launches New OnStar Based Fleet Management Software

Credits: gmauthority.com General Motors Mexico has launched a new OnStar fleet management software with Canadian fleet IT solutions firm Fleet Complete. GM Mexico says the new Fleet Complete developed software “is designed to provide fleet managers with useful and relevant data on the use of their vehicles in real time.” The service, available exclusively for vehicles from […]

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Are electric vehicles poised to kill the gasoline engine car? Welcome to the ‘golden age’ of EVs

Credits: www.usatoday.com After years of sluggish adoption, electric vehicles are poised for a sharp increase in sales, new products and investments that could eventually make the gasoline engine a thing of the past. Look no further than Wall Street, where investors are positively giddy about the prospect of established automakers offeringfull lineups of electric vehicles, like General Motors, and […]

2021 Auto News USA automobiles

GM builds pickups without fuel economy modules due to chip shortage

Credits: www.freep.com General Motors said it will build certain 2021 light-duty full-size pickups without a fuel management module starting Monday until the end of the model year in late summer. The goal is to keep pickups rolling off the assembly line despite a global shortage of semiconductor chips used in the modules. But the result is those affected pickups will not […]

2021 Auto News USAutomakers

GM, Toyota, & FCA Are Beyond Redemption — This Is Too Much!

Credits: www.cleantechnica.com GM, Toyota, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) have gone from bad to worse to abhorrent. It’s too much. Cleantech enthusiasts have had issues with GM, Toyota, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for years. GM was infamous for how it handled the EV1 and that whole era of automotive policy. Toyota has been one […]

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Automakers look to electrify sales of EVs with cheaper models

Credits: www.abcnews.go.com There are still many obstacles EVs have to overcome to win over consumers. It’s the dilemma every automaker is frantically trying to solve: Convincing Americans to give up gas-powered cars for electric vehicles. The barriers are diverse. There’s range anxiety. A lack of nationwide chargers. Steep prices. A general bewilderedness of what an […]

2021 Auto News USA automobiles

Lifting the veil on electric vehicle subsidies

Credits: www.bostonherald.com Electric vehicles are the future. Everyone will want one because they’re emission-free, ecologically responsible and more affordable every year. That’s why GM, Volvo and other manufacturers will soon be making only EVs. Or so we’re told. Some people’s driving habits and incomes certainly make buying an EV an easy choice. But why do […]

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General Motors looking to drive double-digit growth in region this year

Credits: www.arabianbusiness.com Automobile giant to employ ‘ambidextrous strategy’ focusing on core business and electric vehicle launches General Motors is targeting double-digit growth this year after witnessing a strong end to 2020, which has continued into the current year. Sajed Sbeih, managing director for commercial operations Africa and Middle East, told Arabian Business the company recorded […]