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Ford’s All-Electric Mach-E: A ‘Mustang’ in Name Only

Ford’s engineering execs have been on teleconference press tours this fall in support of the company’s first mass-market EV, to be built in Mexico, with global sales expected to be around 50,000 in the first year. They have explained how, late in the design phase, vice president Jim Farley (now CEO) sent the team back […]

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This Is What the Ford Mustang Mach-E Almost Looked Like

Before Ford’s all-electric Mach-E was a member of the Mustang family, it was a futuristic-looking concept that Ford executives were convinced wouldn’t sell. With tall rooflines and a forgettable face, the design of the would-be all-electric vehicle became an impasse to management. Engineers were sent back to the drawing board to create something more memorable, […]

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This Is How Much A Boss 302 Ford Mustang Is Worth Today

How much is the Boss 302 Ford Mustang is worth today? Let’s have a closer look at this iconic Ford car. We all love the iconic Ford Mustang. A car that has been widely celebrated over the years by celebs, automobile experts as well as the guy-next-door. While the Ford Mustang is immensely popular all around the […]