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Will the EV Revolution Kill the Parking Reform Movement?

Credits: usa.streetsblog.org As President Biden pushes to install a network of electric vehicle chargers across America, some advocates are wondering where they will all go — and if the effort will deal a blow to the movement to reform urban parking policy. Some sustainability advocates applauded Biden last month when his long-awaited infrastructure plan, the American […]

2021 Auto News USA

Tesla turns a record profit despite new Model S and Model X delay

Credits: www.theverge.com Tesla has drawn a lot of scrutiny lately, has run into delays with the refreshed Model S and Model X, and the auto industry is struggling through a global shortage of semiconductors. But none of those things seemed to have much effect on Tesla’s business. On Monday, the Silicon Valley automaker announced its best-ever start […]

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Credits: www.autocar.co.nz If there’s been a theme to the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, it’s been electrification. Almost every manufacturer represented at the event used it to launch new electric or partially electric offerings. And the trio of Mazda, Honda, and Mitsubishi were no different. The Japanese mainstream trio all announced electric SUVs in some form, […]

2021 Auto News USA

Does Honda Make Electric Cars? Everything You Need to Know About Honda EVs

Credits: www.motortrend.com Honda’s electric past, present, and future. For an automaker so dominant across multiple segments, there’s a significant hole in Honda’s lineup. Compared to Ford and its Mustang Mach-E, Chevrolet with the Bolt and Bolt EUV, and Nissan and its Leaf, Honda notably lacks a dedicated electric vehicle for the North American market. That will soon change. […]

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Turkey makes strides in producing electric automobiles

Credits: www.trtworld.com Experts say the country has the potential to be both a big market and a hub of the electric car industry. As many nations are transitioning towards green energy in order to build environment-friendly cities, the automotive industry has also shifted gears to embrace renewable energy resources.  In 2020, three million electric cars […]

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Upcoming electric cars in India: 5 cars that we are most excited about

Credits: www.financialexpress.com With more and more car manufacturers focusing their efforts on making EVs, it is only a matter of time before we have an EV in every segment and by every major company. The year 2021 will witness the launched of many electric cars and here are five of them that we are looking […]

2021 Auto News Indian automobiles

Race for electric vehicles: India plans to ramp up incentives

Credits: www.livemint.com The year is 2023. A Singapore resident decides to buy a car. Not just any car but the latest electric vehicle (EV) produced by the new gleaming high-tech Hyundai factory in Jurong, an industrial town in Western Singapore. She whips up her smartphone and personalises her new car. She surmises that cream colour seats, a […]

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Honda of America plans to sell 2 fully electric SUVs in 2024

Credits: www.boston.com Honda has plans to sell two all-electric SUVs in the U.S. for the 2024 model year, and it soon will offer hybrid gas-electric versions of its top-selling models. The announcements Thursday come as the automaker acknowledges it has work to do to comply with emissions-reduction targets that will be coming from the Biden […]

2021 Auto News USA automobiles

How ‘Green’ are Electric Cars?

Credits: www.renewableenergymagazine.com The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2030, 125 million electric vehicles will be owned around the world. In the US, 14 new models of electric trucks and SUVs are expected to launch this year, which automakers say could appeal more to American consumers than the smaller electric vehicles seen elsewhere. Biden has […]

2021 Auto News USA automobiles

EV startup Canoo plans to roll out pod-like pickup in 2023

Credits: www.autonews.com The pickup will be aimed at consumer and commercial customers and will be built in the U.S. Electric vehicle startup Canoo Inc. said Wednesday it will introduce an American-built, pod-like electric pickup truck in 2023, following in the footsteps of several rivals also entering the most popular segment of the U.S. automotive market. […]