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Tesla Makes More Money From Bitcoin Than It Does From Cars — What Does That Mean for Your Stock?

Credits: finance.yahoo.com First-quarter results from Tesla show that it made more profits in the first three months of the year with Bitcoin than it did with its car business. The company reached a quarterly record with net income at $438 million. However, Tesla did not earn its record profits from selling cars, according to its Q1 2021 […]

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Minister Nitin Gadkari to Tesla: Manufacturing electric cars in India beneficial for you

Credits: www.cartoq.com Earlier this year, American electric car manufacturer Tesla announced that they will be entering the Indian market. The manufacturer even registered itself as a company under the name Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited in Karnataka. The manufacturer currently plans to import there models to India rather than manufacturing or assembling it. […]

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Officials, business representatives call for China-US cooperation on auto industry

Credits: www.globaltimes.cn Business representatives from both China and the US expect closer ties to jointly develop the auto industry that is directed at smart electric vehicles (EVs). They are calling for an open and fair business environment despite the ongoing tensions between the world’s two largest economies. Xu Haidong, assistant secretary general of the China […]

2021 Auto News USA automobiles

‘You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin’: Company’s ‘Technoking’

Credits: www.aljazeera.com The electric carmaker said last month it had bought $1.5bn of Bitcoin, sending the price of the cryptocurrency soaring. Tesla Inc chief Elon Musk said on Wednesday the company’s electric vehicles can now be bought using Bitcoin in the United States and the option will be extended to other countries later this year. […]

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Elon Musk now has a new serious rival

Credits: www.livemint.com Volkswagen AG’s boss Herbert Diess is realistic about the threat posed by software-savvy and richly valued rivals such as Tesla Inc., but he’s adamant that VW can prevail. On current form, he may be right. The German car giant has added almost 45 billion euros ($53.5 billion) of market value so far this […]

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Elon Musk’s Tesla Faces Bumpier Ride Breaking Into India after China Success

Elon Musk all but confirmed Tesla Inc. will enter India last week, sparking jubilation among fans, some of whom have had their electric cars on order for years. But it may prove the company’s hardest yet market to crack. The world’s richest man on Jan. 13 tweeted “as promised” in response to a report on a Tesla-focused […]

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Tesla and Tata Motors in Indian EV market : A hardcore rivalry or just business ?

Recently Elon Musk ( C.E.O. of Tesla Motors ) met P.M. Modi at Tesla’s headquarters in California, U.S. Musk has also announced that the company will be launching their first Tesla in India in 2021. What competitions would Tesla face after stepping into Indian markets? As one the biggest Indian automakers Tata Motors already trying […]

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Tesla in Making Moves To Have Presence In India: Scope Of Electric Vehicles In The Country

The wait for seeing Tesla in India may get over soon. Indian citizens can now brace themselves for soon being able to see Elon Musk’s Tesla cars rolling down on Indian roads! According to sources in the know, on September 10th, the revolutionary car-maker Tesla initiated discussions with the government officials of Karnataka for opening up a […]