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Bentley’s First EV Will Reportedly Be An Artemis-Based Crossover

Credits: Bentley is transitioning into an EV-only brand and new details are starting to emerge about their first electric vehicle. Speaking with Car Magazine, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark confirmed their upcoming EVs will be based on Audi’s Artemis Project. The four-ringed brand announced the project last year and said it would spawn a pioneering and highly efficient electric vehicle that […]

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South Korea to set global standards for electric vehicles wireless charging

Credit: South Korea said on Thursday it will ramp up efforts to promote a homegrown charging technology for EVs as an international standard, as the country plans to penetrate deeper into the growing sector South Korea said on Thursday it will ramp up efforts to promote a homegrown charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs) […]

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Will the EV Revolution Kill the Parking Reform Movement?

Credits: As President Biden pushes to install a network of electric vehicle chargers across America, some advocates are wondering where they will all go — and if the effort will deal a blow to the movement to reform urban parking policy. Some sustainability advocates applauded Biden last month when his long-awaited infrastructure plan, the American […]

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Tesla turns a record profit despite new Model S and Model X delay

Credits: Tesla has drawn a lot of scrutiny lately, has run into delays with the refreshed Model S and Model X, and the auto industry is struggling through a global shortage of semiconductors. But none of those things seemed to have much effect on Tesla’s business. On Monday, the Silicon Valley automaker announced its best-ever start […]

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Honda US EV plans: Solid-state batteries later this decade, all EVs by 2040

Credits: Honda is planning to completely phase out internal combustion engines from its North American lineup by 2040, the company announced Thursday night.  That means a combination of battery-electric and fuel-cell models will add up to 100% of its sales by that time. The company spelled out that as interim targets, it sees those […]

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Electric cars in India expected to launch in 2021

Credits: India’s automobile sector is expected to go all-electric in the coming years, and 2021 is going to be a testimony of that. There is a general buzz around electric cars in India. This is largely attributed to several central and state government EV policies giving a big push to go electric. Additionally, there […]

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5 EV Startups That Can Seriously Challenge Tesla

Credits: These electric car startups are taking aim at Tesla with some exciting offerings Despite being a relatively new entrant, Tesla has established itself as a significant player in the global electric car market. In fact, the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling electric car in 2020, having sold over 3.65 lakh units, which is over […]

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4 Cheapest Electric Cars by Indian Manufacturers

Credits: Most of the electric cars available in India, however most of them are cars of foreign manufacturing companies whose range is fine but their price goes out of the budget of a common man. In such a situation, people are not able to switch from their fuel-based cars to electric ones. However, the […]

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Biden wants to build a national EV charging system under $2 trillion infrastructure plan, but it won’t be easy

Credits: Charging stations for electric vehicles will be part of a $2 trillion infrastructure bill being pushed by the Biden administration. It’s going to take more than government support to successfully expand EV infrastructure. AlixPartners estimates $300 billion will be needed to build out a global charging network to accommodate the expected growth of […]

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Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Would Provide Big Boost For Tesla, GM And EV Startups

Credits: President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion plan to overhaul U.S. infrastructure, the biggest such initiative in more than half a century, could trigger a “green tidal wave,” in the words of one analyst, speeding the transportation industry’s shift to electricity from carbon-based fuels and generating big benefits for companies ranging from Elon Musk’s Tesla […]