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How To Get Mass-Market Auto Buyers Into Electric Cars

Credits: cleantechnica.com In this second part of a two-part interview with Sam Spofforth of Drive Electric USA and Clean Fuels Ohio, I talked with Sam about converting mainstream automobile buyers to electric powertrains and zero emissions. We talked a bit about how to improve consumer awareness of EVs, how to convince traditional auto buyers to go electric, and positive signs […]

2021 Auto News

Electric cars will cost less than gasoline automobiles by 2027

Credits: www.wionews.com The demand for millions of barrels of oil every day may soon be wiped out by electric cars.  Buyers globally are warming up to the idea of purchasing a battery-powered vehicle, but continue to have concerns over the price of the technology. But recent studies indicate that falling battery costs will mean electric […]

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South Korea to set global standards for electric vehicles wireless charging

Credit: business-standard.com South Korea said on Thursday it will ramp up efforts to promote a homegrown charging technology for EVs as an international standard, as the country plans to penetrate deeper into the growing sector South Korea said on Thursday it will ramp up efforts to promote a homegrown charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs) […]

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Minister Nitin Gadkari to Tesla: Manufacturing electric cars in India beneficial for you

Credits: www.cartoq.com Earlier this year, American electric car manufacturer Tesla announced that they will be entering the Indian market. The manufacturer even registered itself as a company under the name Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited in Karnataka. The manufacturer currently plans to import there models to India rather than manufacturing or assembling it. […]

2021 Auto News USA

Does Honda Make Electric Cars? Everything You Need to Know About Honda EVs

Credits: www.motortrend.com Honda’s electric past, present, and future. For an automaker so dominant across multiple segments, there’s a significant hole in Honda’s lineup. Compared to Ford and its Mustang Mach-E, Chevrolet with the Bolt and Bolt EUV, and Nissan and its Leaf, Honda notably lacks a dedicated electric vehicle for the North American market. That will soon change. […]

2021 Auto News USA automobiles

How ‘Green’ are Electric Cars?

Credits: www.renewableenergymagazine.com The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2030, 125 million electric vehicles will be owned around the world. In the US, 14 new models of electric trucks and SUVs are expected to launch this year, which automakers say could appeal more to American consumers than the smaller electric vehicles seen elsewhere. Biden has […]

2021 Auto News USA automobiles

Volvo Cars to double U.S. footprint, as it aims to go all electric by 2030

Credits: www.finance.yahoo.com Volvo Cars’s aggressive push to go all electric by the end of this decade, is expected to expand the company’s U.S. operations significantly over the next several years, according to the President and CEO of Volvo Cars USA. Anders Gustafsson told Yahoo Finance Live that Volvo planned to double or triple the size […]

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Electric cars are the future. Here’s how to get American drivers interested in them.

Credits: www.usatoday.com EVs are key to manufacturing jobs and reducing climate change emissions. The on-ramp to these benefits is exciting drivers the way the Model T did. Major electric vehicle announcements by President Joe Biden and General Motors are being hailed as a turning point in the transition to widespread EV production and deployment in America. This matters greatly, because this crucial […]

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South Korea ups subsidies for eco-friendly cars to speed up green push

Credit: Bangkokpost.com South Korea will offer up to 19 million won (515,000 baht) in subsidies to people who buy an electric car this year and up to 37.5 million won for a hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle to ensure more eco-friendly cars on the road as part of the country’s green push, according to the government’s […]