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Daimler Aims to Build Hydrogen-Fueled Long-Haul Trucks

Credits: us.newschant.com Carmakers have been promising to scrap the inner combustion engine, and now it’s the truckmakers’ flip. But the makers of big 18-wheelers are taking a unique route. Daimler, the world’s largest maker of heavy vans, whose Freightliners are a well-recognized sight on American interstates, stated final week that it might convert to zero-emission […]

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Reinventing the Wheel: Daimler Intentionally Becoming a Smaller Company to Facilitate Tech

Daimler Chairman Ola Källenius went against the grain on Thursday by admitting the company he’s been tasked with overseeing will become significantly smaller in five years. That’s normally not the kind of thing you want to telegraph to shareholders via the media but he’s convinced this is the best course of action for the business. […]