White House Meets With Big Three Over Chip Shortage

Credit: The global semiconductor chip shortage is having major effects on supply chains across several industries, including automakers. There have been multiple instances in which car factories had to temporarily shut down due to the chip shortage affecting their ability to produce vital parts for vehicles. The White House is looking to get involved […]


Chip shortage forces Mercedes to halt V-8 sales — for now

Credit: The semiconductor shortage is forcing Mercedes-Benz to radically scale back production of V-8 engines for the 2022 model year. As many as 17 V-8 models including Mercedes’ high-performance AMGs won’t be available as the 2022 model year gets under way, according to media reports on AutoBlog, Jalopnik and elsewhere. A Mercedes spokesman declined […]

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General Motors (GM) Slashes Truck Production Amid Chip Dearth

Credits: General Motors GM recently announced the decision to abort the production of most of its full-size pickup trucks in North America amid the ongoing global semiconductor supply crisis plaguing vehicle production. The auto giant noted that its Flint Assembly plant in Michigan that develops the Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD pickups will […]

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Semiconductor shortage and the U.S. auto industry

Credits: Semiconductors have become so ubiquitous that it is easy to take them for granted until they are suddenly in short supply. Recent changes in global market demand for semiconductors has increased dramatically at a time when the world is moving towards technical innovations in renewable energy, electric vehicles and artificial intelligence. As America […]

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What automakers and consumers can learn from the chip shortage crunch

Credits: When will it be over? The global chip shortage that has idled automotive plants, delayed shipments of new vehicles and pushed transaction prices to record levels may soon relent as early as this fall. But the dramatic impact of the last 12 months could very well continue into 2022 and beyond. “Western and […]

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How microchip shortages stunted the automotive industry

Credits: “There are on average 1,400 microchips in a car,” Bobby Mills said, “and the build time takes around 12 weeks for each.” Last year, when the pandemic impacted production on vehicles worldwide, little did Mills know that 15 months later the aftereffects would continue inflicting his four dealerships across the southeastern Carolinas, including […]

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Chip, Automotive Industries to Collaborate on Forecasting

Credits: The electronics supply chain has so many foibles that sometimes procurement experts are confounded by its intricacies. Automotive OEMs earlier this year got a crash course on the semiconductor lifecycle when microcontrollers and other chips became scarce. Component shortages have escalated well beyond semiconductors and the chip scarcity could last years, according to Intel […]

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the auto chip shortage is like the toilet paper frenzy last year, only worse

Credits: Tesla CEO Elon Musk compared the chip shortage to the toilet paper buying frenzy in 2020. He said the supply snags have caused companies to “overorder” semiconductor chips. Tesla is reportedly in talks to stock up on the chips by buying in bulk ahead of time. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the biggest […]

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Global chip shortage costs automotive sector €90 billion

Credits: The world is in the grips of a global chip shortage, with demand for semiconductors surging beyond capacity for supply. The shortage is crippling players in a diversity of industries, though carmakers seemingly have it the worst. At the beginning of 2021, the crisis was forecast to incur losses of approximately €60 billion […]

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Nissan, Suzuki and Mitsubishi to halt car production due to chip shortage

Credits: The global shortage of semiconductor chips has the auto industry in check, so Nissan, Suzuki and Mitsubishi plan to make fewer cars in June. Since 2020, the automotive industry has suffered from a lack of semiconductors for the chips required by vehicle electrical systems. Faced with such a shortage of components , the companies Nissan , Suzuki and Mitsubishi announced that they will stop the production of cars or […]