Dutch College Students Just Built the World’s First Solar-Powered Camper, and They’re Taking It On the Road

Credit: The automotive industry has finally started to embrace battery-powered vehicles—but students at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands are already thinking about what comes next. A group of 22 coeds working under the name Solar Team Eindhoven has just unveiled Stella Vita, the world’s first entirely solar-powered camper, according to Ars Technica. […]


The Rise of Cyber-Attacks in the Automotive Industry

Credit: Losses to the tune of billions are experienced due to the rise of cyber-attacks in the automotive industry, and they are becoming progressively worse as more auto manufacturers join the autonomy space. Industry experts argue that autonomy is the future of the automotive industry, mainly because driverless cars are safer, more comfortable, and […]


The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry

Credit: As technology evolves, so does the automobile industry with its trends and findings. Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence development have proven that installation technology will soon transform every device we use. As cars were at the top of the list, we decided to look at ways to use Artificial Intelligence in the automotive […]

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Major tech and automotive industry players establish cross-industry partnership for automated driving

Credits: Arm, Audi, Denso, NXP and six further technology and research leaders are joining industry group The Autonomous to develop state-of-the-art technology for autonomous vehicles. The aim is to lay the basis for safety standardization and series production. This form of collaboration will help to overcome major hurdles of prevailing competition in the industry and solve […]

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UK must lead in battery and fuel cell technology or risk losing its automotive industry

Credits: The UK is at risk of losing its existing automotive industry, falling further behind global competitors in battery manufacture and failing to meet our net-zero commitment. As a member of the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, I’m delighted to draw attention to our report into battery and fuel-cell technology, published […]

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Beyond autonomy: how AI is driving the automotive industry

Credits: AI innovation is driving the automotive industry forwards in ways that go way beyond vehicle autonomy, says Dr Richard Ahlfeld, CEO and founder of Monolith AI Artificial intelligence leads many of the most innovative areas of the automotive industry at this time. Although traditionally associated with autonomous cars, the industry is also working on AI […]

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Driving the automotive industry to a more sustainable future

Credits: The looming climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, with everyone from international organisations and national governments to businesses and individuals having to take action to meet the oncoming threat. Population growth, increasing urbanisation, rising pressure on resources and a continuously growing global economy are all making this […]

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Credits: Going, going, gone. New and used vehicles in the United States are selling faster than you can say TikTok. A lack of new and used vehicle inventory is making it difficult for individuals to purchase a vehicle, so they’re keeping the one they already have. The limited vehicle inventory is due to pent-up […]

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Collaborating to Reduce Climate Impacts in the Automotive Industry

Credits: Hydro and the global aluminum technology company Gränges join forces to provide low-carbon and circular aluminum offerings to the automotive market. A new collaboration has been initiated, in which Gränges sources low-carbon primary aluminum from Hydro. “We strive to develop solutions that have a low climate impact and are circular and resource efficient, and […]

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Big Tech’s car obsession all about taking eyes off the road

Credits: At first glance, the forays Apple, Google and other technology giants are making into the world of cars don’t appear to be particularly lucrative. Building automobiles requires factories, equipment and an army of people to design and assemble large hunks of steel, plastic and glass. That all but guarantees slimmer profits. The world’s […]