2021 Auto News

Why Dubai is an ‘engine for growth’ for the global automotive industry

Credits: www.arabianbusiness.com The emirate’s location and infrastructure make it ideal for the vehicles re-export market while high local demand for high-end cars fuels further interest Dubai’s position as a major exporter and re-exporter of vehicles, one that enables manufacturers from Asia, Europe and North Africa to deal with the Middle East, Africa, India and South-East […]

2021 Auto News

Cars or Car-tels?

Credits: www.jdsupra.com In high tech, famous OEMs have a long history of playing fast and loose with the antitrust laws while complaining about SEP owners’ alleged antitrust abuse. The trend has expanded to include Amazon, Uber and others with regulators appearing to be at a loss of what to do. One interesting aspect of the debate is how stale it has become; there […]

2021 Auto News


Credits: www.bbntimes.com From automating and speeding up the process of designing new models of cars to enabling cars to drive themselves, digital transformation in the automotive industry is redefining the way vehicles are conceived, assembled, and operated. From carts and carriages pulled by animals in the ancient ages to vehicles that automatically drive themselves today, the way […]

2021 Auto News

Turkish Automotive Industry Meets at Aftermarket Conference

Credits: www.raillynews.com The Turkish automotive industry met at the 11th Aftermarket Conference this year. In the event, which is the only organization of the sector for after-sales products and services; Innovations, upcoming opportunities and challenges in the automotive industry have been scrutinized both globally and nationally. Making the opening speech of the conference, TAYSAD Chairman […]

2021 Auto News

Here Is Everything We Know About The 2024 BMW i8 M

Credits: www.hotcars.com Powerful enough to fiercely compete with Polestar and Acura NSX, the BMW i8 M is set to own the top end of the market. Plenty of time has passed since the high-class German automaker threw the i8 into the market to wage war on the hybrid sports cars of the time, such as the Ferrari […]

2021 Auto News

Around 90% of car buying steps can be digitized, shows Covid-19 pandemic

Credits: auto.hindustantimes.com The global automobile industry has been witnessing the emergence of megatrends like CASE. Under this, connected vehicles, autonomous driving vehicles, moire vehicular safety and electrification are the trends that are increasing across the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has expedited the growth of these megatrends. Besides that, the pandemic and the crisis related to […]

2021 Auto News

Stellantis gives glimpse of models heading to South Africa

Credits: citizen.co.za Main focus, seemingly, will be on Jeep, Opel and Peugeot brands. With an official announcement to be made in due course, the newly established South African arm of Stellantis has provided a hint of what to expect from incoming products, mostly out in the second quarter of this year. Presented at the reveal […]

2021 Auto News

Arty Automobiles: Alto and Gray Malin’s Collaborative Art Car Will Soon Drive Dallas’ Streets

Credits: dallasinnovates.com Local rideshare Alto has dressed some of its vehicles in a wrap inspired by Dallasite Gray Malin’s iconic photography. They represent both’s parallel journeys in being born in Dallas and expanding to LA. Check out our photo gallery so you know what to look for when driving on the roads. Famous fine-art photographer […]

2021 Auto News

This Is The Best Feature Of The 2021 Aston Martin DB11

Credits: www.hotcars.com The Aston Martin DB models have become a benchmark on which the rest of their lineups are based out. Aston Martin has been dishing out absolute beauties in the DB series from the late ’40s. The cars have gotten recognition on the racetrack as well as with the automobile markets all over the world. I […]

2021 Auto News USA

Two Senators Working On Legislation To Put Autonomous Cars On American Roads

Credits: www.carscoops.com Democratic senator Gary Peters and Republican senator John Thune are working to create legislation that would allow automakers to put a large number of autonomous vehicles on the road. The pair are looking to attach the legislation to a bill providing $100 million in funding for science and technology. According to Reuters, the amendment […]