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Everything We Think We Know About the 2022 Nissan Z

The Nissan Z is one of the most iconic sports car families of all time, with iconic cars like the 280Z, 300ZX, and 350Z under its name. But today’s 370Z is starting to wither on the vine. It’s still quick and exciting to drive, but old and spartan inside. Luckily, rumor has it that Nissan is working on a replacement for the 370Z. Here’s what we’ve heard so far.

A new Z car from Nissan is reportedly on the way. This is what we've heard about it so far.

It’ll Be Inspired By Old Z Designs
Think 240Z restomod. At least, that’s according to a report from Autoblog citing dealer sources. The front end supposedly has a square mouth with round headlights, much like the 240Z. The rear, though, looks more like a 300ZX.

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