2021 Auto News

Humble Motors’ new concept SUV is solar powered and has 1020 hp of power

Credits: www.economictimes.indiatimes.com According to Humble Motors, solar-powered EVs mean truly clean mobility for everyone. Automobiles and medium and heavy-duty trucks emit 22% of the world’s greenhouse gases, a rapidly changing figure if we don’t act. Furthermore, the world is struggling to develop the infrastructure needed for electric vehicles. According to the scientific research nonprofit International […]

2021 Auto News USA

Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Would Provide Big Boost For Tesla, GM And EV Startups

Credits: www.forbes.com President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion plan to overhaul U.S. infrastructure, the biggest such initiative in more than half a century, could trigger a “green tidal wave,” in the words of one analyst, speeding the transportation industry’s shift to electricity from carbon-based fuels and generating big benefits for companies ranging from Elon Musk’s Tesla […]

2021 Auto News India

How and why Covid-19 disrupted production of automobiles

Credits: www.indianexpress.com The disruption of supply chains has created a shortage of chips, forcing automobile makers to slow down production. How does the global chipmaking industry work, and how did similar shocks play out earlier? Mercedes-Benz India has recently issued advertisements appealing to potential customers to bear with “a short waiting period” for vehicle deliveries. […]

2021 Auto News Africa

Opibus want to electrify the whole of Africa – one vehicle at a time

Credits: www.innovationorigins.com The company can retroactively convert any regular vehicle into an electric one and is aiming to tackle Kenyan public transport next. Electric mobility is an important factor when it comes to making transportation more sustainable. Fossil fuels in Africa remain a dominant source of energy and infrastructure for electric vehicles is lacking. That is why Swedish […]

2021 Auto News USA automobiles

More consumers are shopping online for cars. Can dealerships keep up?

Credits: www.abcnews.go.com The rise of the internet and online shopping seemed to signal the ignoble end to the ubiquitous car dealership in the 1990s. Those gloomy predictions from industry watchers turned out to be wrong; consumers continued to flock to dealerships, which largely carried on despite the critics. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, closing showrooms, […]

2021 Auto News Indian automobiles

Ford India to launch Territory SUV to take on Tata Harrier & new Mahindra XUV500

Credits: www.cartoq.com Ford has changed its strategy for the Indian market. After the joint venture with Mahindra did not work out, Ford is now planning to bring a slew of all-new cars to the Indian market. While Ford is yet to officially announce the launch of any of the new models in the Indian market, […]

2021 Auto News

Three-wheelers, the punchline of the auto world, are finally having a moment

Credits: www.qz.com I press down on the pedal, and the back of my three-wheeler rears up as if to fling me into the street. The hum of the electric motor kicks up a few notches—as does my grip on the steering wheel—but the vehicle glides smoothly into traffic without incident. More than a few heads […]

2021 Auto News USA automobiles

The top 10 car insurance companies in the US

Credits: www.insurancebusinessmag.com Owning a car exposes you to various financial risks. With car insurance, you can be covered for damage to your vehicle and other circumstances in which you could be liable to pay repair bills or medical expenses. The best car insurance providers offer not only comprehensive coverage for a reasonable price but also […]

2021 Auto News Indian automobiles

Race for electric vehicles: India plans to ramp up incentives

Credits: www.livemint.com The year is 2023. A Singapore resident decides to buy a car. Not just any car but the latest electric vehicle (EV) produced by the new gleaming high-tech Hyundai factory in Jurong, an industrial town in Western Singapore. She whips up her smartphone and personalises her new car. She surmises that cream colour seats, a […]

2021 Auto News

A Short History Of The Dynasphere

Credits: www.hotcars.com Two prototypes, some models, and several sketches were made, and yet, the vehicle never really made it to actual reality, even if it was patented. What is the Dynasphere? A classic car of the past, that was aimed at the future, but remained in the past as an interesting relic because it was too ahead […]