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Here’s Everything We Know About The Successor To The Lamborghini Aventador

New Lamborghini releases happen on a rare occasion. Hence when a new model is rumored, all supercar fanatics go wild for them. They want to know if it will be better, faster, more expensive, and exceed every supercar expectation.Lamborghini’s chief commercial officer, Giovanni Perosino, announced a successor to the Aventador is due in coming years. Plans to release the new car are not immediate, yet the team has announced it is definitely coming. Here is everything you will want to know about the soon-to-be-announced Lamborghini Aventador’s successor.

What Is The Next Lamborghini Car?

Plans to release a new Lamborghini Aventador have been pushed back from 2022, to 2024. Yet, the team is still committed to its release. They want to upgrade the original Aventador model, which is almost 13 years old. A name has not yet been finalized, but it should meet all Aventador expectations and more.

The 2011 Aventador is still a high-flyer in the supercar world, but its single-clutch automated manual transmission is quickly making it a thing of the past. The old models lack durability and luxury, which the Lamborghini team hopes to reignite for the 2024 release.

It’s Specifications

The idea behind the Aventador successor is to upgrade its engine to a V12, which Lamborghini is set on. But, their German partner Audi, is not a huge fan of it. The reason being for the V12 not being a great fit for the next Aventador is that it does not comply with EU7 emission standards, which is a fair point.

The successor may switch to a twin-turbocharged 4-liter V8, which is a much more efficient upgrade from the 2011 model. The idea could be to make the 2024 Aventador a plug-in hybrid, which will be a huge step for Lamborghini and the supercar industry. The engine should be able to produce 700 horsepower minimum, which will offer ultimate power and torque. If it can meet these expectations, it will exceed all expectations anyone has of an upcoming Aventador.

Rumors About Its Release Date

Although the team at Lamborghini hoped for a 2022 release, it seems production has been pushed back. This means the successor Aventador will not hit the market until 2024. But, if these rumored specs are true, we don’t think people will mind having to wait for it to come out.

With the first-ever Aventador being released in 2011, fans have been long waiting for an impressive upgrade. With the market turning to hybrid and electric power solutions, the next plug-in Aventador will be worth your wait. Although it may not boast a V12 engine, it will abide by industry regulations and be suitable to roll around your neighborhood in. Without passing these regulations, the Aventador will only be legally allowed to ride around racetracks. Which is no fun for those looking to purchase the car as a daily ride.

Why Is There A Delay?

The team behind producing the car and its engine, which needs to pass certain regulations, have been faced with a challenge. Although Lamborghini wants to push the V12 engine, to align to its customer’s true wants and needs, it simply cannot. Thus, the delay has been caused by ensuring the car is absolutely perfect. In our opinion, that sounds just about right for Lamborghini. It is rare for such a premium car manufacturer to release a car with faults. We should hope not to for the price.

With the V12 engine being the biggest issue, and Lamborghini reportedly releasing a new Huracan the year after the Aventador, they want to make sure the engine aligns with the brand’s perception of being one of the most powerful supercars in the world. These cars will reportedly cost the brand over $900 million to produce, so there’s no wonder they want to make sure everything just right.

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