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Upcoming Mahindra Thar 5 Door in India

Mahindra unveiled the all-new, second-generation of the Thar recently. The vehicle was officially launched on 2nd October 2020 but only a three-door version of the vehicle was launched. Mahindra is now working on a five-door version of the all-new Thar and here are the details. Find out below more about the upcoming Mahindra Thar 5 door.

Why 5-door?

Mahindra has greenlit the development of a five-door version of the new Thar, which will have an all-new body. Despite the second-gen Thar being positioned as a vehicle that can be driven every day, Mahindra realises the market for the three-door Thar will be limited. In a bid to further widen the appeal of the new-gen model, Mahindra has decided to work on a five-door Thar, which is also likely to have a longer wheelbase.

What does the company have to say?

Veejay Nakra, CEO of Mahindra’s automotive division, said, “Our objective was to recreate the icon, and obviously the first step in that direction was to create the Thar in its current three-door form. I think that’s a good starting point which we are in. Who knows how the future will play out? Let’s just watch this space as we go forward”. There is also no doubt about the success of the new Thar. It was modern perfect and priced pretty well.


The all-new Thar has become much more practical when compared to the first-generation of the vehicle. Mahindra now also offers forward-facing rear seats, which are very useful to the buyers who want a family vehicle.

Since the popularity of the SUVs is on a rise in India, the new five-door Thar will be a much more practical for the family car buyers.

Engine and Performance

Other than that, the rear passengers will be able to roll the windows down, and the boot might also get some additional space, which adds to the practicality. The rear quarter section has been shortened, which is fine for the hard-top and soft-top models, but would be difficult to manage on the convertible model.