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CAKE Launches Polestar Edition Makka That Can Charge While You Drive

Credit: cleantechnica.com

Polestar and CAKE are both award-winning Swedish companies building innovative, outside-the-box e-mobility products that exemplify the progressive ideals of the corporate cultures that birthed them. The only surprise about their first official collaboration on a special Polestar-branded version of the new CAKE Makka compact electric bike should be that this is their first official collaboration! After all, this photo …

… is from 2019. Remember 2019? No masks, a few million more people. Far fewer people overdosing on horse de-wormers and s**tting their pants in WalMart? Good times.

Back to the bike, CAKE’s latest is called the Makka. It features a stout, tubular frame construction and Vespa-like step-through design. That frame is clever, too, available in 8 accessory configurations to haul kids, friends, cargo, food, and more, the Makka is ready to be your rough-and-tumble urban playmate OR serious, dependable co-worker. And, clever as that is, it’s not even the Makka’s neatest trick. That’s this: you can charge it on the back of your Polestar.

That’s right, when mounted on the rear tow bar, wired connections allow the bike to charged directly from the car while it’s on the move. Once the car is parked (and, presumably, connected to a charger) the bike can be used as a last mile commuter or casual trail rider. “Instead of wasting time in a traffic jam, finding a parking spot or squashing up in a crowded train … we want to make the future of mobility flexible, accessible and emission-free, while aiming to create cities for people, not for cars that pollute,” explains CAKE CEO and founder, Stefan Ytterborn.

According to Polestar’s official press release, the Makka will be the flagship product in its new Polestar Additionals online accessory store, which is set to feature lifestyle products like t-shirts, hoodies, bags, and water bottles, in addition to the Makka – Polestar edition by CAKE. Initially, it will only be available to Polestar customers in Sweden, Germany, Norway, the UK, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. No word either on whether you’ll be able to charge the Makka – Polestar Edition by CAKE with one of Volvo’s T8 hybrids, but I’d assume that’s a yes.