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Why Donald Trump wants ban on Goodyear Tire that helps run The Beast limousine

At the centre of the controversy is an image allegedly showing a Goodyear training slideshow saying clothing associated with conservative causes, including Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) slogan, is not allowed. Incidentally, Trump’s presidential limousine, The Beast, uses Goodyear tires. US President Donald Trump on Wednesday called for a boycott of Goodyear Tire & […]

2020 Auto News Auto Sales USA automobiles

Bombs away! Hyperion unveils hydrogen-powered car that can hit 220mph and go more than 1,000 miles on a single tank

The XP-1 goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.2 seconds and takes only minutes to refuel Aerodynamic solar panels change position with the trajectory of the sun Hydrogen energy is renewable and doesn’t produce harmful emissions but it’s difficult and expensive to produce  Only 300 cars are being manufactured for the XP-1’s initial rollout in […]

2020 Auto News Auto Sales USA automobiles

US cars ‘must be left out of post-Brexit trade deal’

Safety experts are urging the UK government to exclude American cars from any post-Brexit trade deal. They say imported vehicles should meet British safety standards for accidents with pedestrians, cyclists and children. UK PM Boris Johnson has indicated he expects cars to be included in any new transatlantic trade agreement. But safety campaigners point to […]

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Xpeng Motors Files For IPO On NYSE

Another Chinese EV startup files for US.. listing. Upstart Chinese electric vehicle maker, Xpeng Motors has officially filed for its initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange. The move wasn’t a surprise and had been anticipated for some time now. The announcement makes XPeng the third electric vehicle manufacturer out of China to list its shares […]

2020 Auto News Auto Sales USA automobiles

5 Affordable European Cars Sold Today (5 Cheap American Cars We’d Rather Buy)

New cars don’t have to cost a fortune, whether they’re American or European. We’ve compiled this list of affordable options from both continents. In today’s auto market, we are pretty much spoilt for choice. Anywhere in the world, you can now choose among gas-powered, hybrid, electric cars. Aside from this, there are several models available from […]

2020 Auto News Auto Sales USA automobiles

Coronavirus Effects on the Automotive Industry

With almost 17 million people already affected by the coronavirus, the automotive industry has also taken a massive hit. The automotive world is witnessing an enormous decrease in sales, with IHS Markit forecasting a possible 22% drop in light vehicle sales year on year. When the COVID-19 epidemic started in China, few expected an outbreak this big. Lockdowns have […]

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What I’d Buy With $1 Million, Chapter 3: Our Editors Fill Their Dream-Car Garages

If it’s Monday, it’s time for chapter three of our weekly Automobile “Million Dollar Challenge,” wherein one of our staffers each week creates their personal list of dream cars. The rules are simple: What would you buy if you were today handed $1 million and commanded to spend it on nothing but filling your dream garage […]