Tesla drivers take their eyes off the road when on autopilot, study finds

Credit: drive.com.au A landmark study into driver behaviour shows Tesla owners have blind faith in autonomous technology rather than watching the road ahead. Cars that do some of the driving for us – but are not yet completely autonomous – are at risk of turning us into dangerous drivers, a landmark study in the US […]


Tesla Autopilot to be compared with 12 other systems in NHTSA probe

Credit: us.newschant.com As a part of its investigation into Tesla Autopilot issues of safety, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Monday requested knowledge from 12 other huge automakers about their driver help systems. The company plans a comparative evaluation between the systems Tesla and its opponents provide, in addition to the practices they every […]


Elon Musk says Tesla’s robot will make physical work a ‘choice’

Credit: auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com Based on the same technology as the company’s semi-autonomous vehicles, the robot will be able to perform basic repetitive tasks with the aim of eliminating the need for people to handle dangerous or boring work, Musk said at an online event on Tesla’s advances in artificial intelligence (AI).3 After dominating the electric vehicle […]


Tesla boosts China public relations, legal teams after setbacks, Companies & Markets News & Top Stories

Credit: sportyheroes.com Tesla is looking to expand its public relations and legal teams in China after a run of bad publicity and tighter regulatory scrutiny. The electric-vehicle pioneer is seeking to fill external affairs positions, whose responsibilities include government relations, in several cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Nanjing, according to a post on its […]


Tesla Model S and Model X get price hike in Australia

Credit: drive.com.au The Tesla Model S sedan and Model X SUV have picked up price hikes in Australia, despite neither vehicle currently being in stock. The entry-level ‘Long Range’ variant of the Model S now starts at $141,990 before on-road costs (up from $134,700 last month, representing an increase of $7290), while the same Model […]


Tesla will refund owners who paid to fix main computers out of pocket

Credit: us.newschant.com Tesla on Monday notified owners of older Model S and Model X electrical automobiles that the corporate will refund them for repairs in the event that they beforehand had to pay out-of-pocket to fix an issue of their main computers. The drawback manifested as a clean touchscreen or different glitches within the system […]

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Tesla Cybertruck production likely in 2022 as wait continues

Credit: auto.hindustantimes.com Cybertruck from Tesla is touted as a capable pick-up truck with the performance of a sportscar. Tesla will manufacture Cybertruck at its Gigafactory in Texas. Tesla Cybertruck was first showcased to the world back in November of 2019 and while it generated a massive buzz in the automobile world, numerous delays in starting production […]

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For two years now, Elon Musk has cited one reason for the delay in Tesla’s India launch

Credit: qz.com On July 24, the American electric vehicle firm’s CEO Elon Musk—once again—suggested that Tesla wants to launch its cars in India but is holding back because of the country’s import duties, which are “highest in the world by far for any large country.” Musk was responding to a tweet by a Youtuber who requested him to launch Tesla […]

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Elon Musk expects Tesla to lead the solar market soon

Elon Musk expects Tesla to lead the solar market after a ‘better’ integration of two key teams. The company was heavily focused on building and producing Model 3 cars but can now turn more attention to solar, Musk said. Credit: Businessinsider.in Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, believes that the electric automaker will soon be the […]