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Here Are The Weirdest-Looking Sports Cars Ever

Credit: Over the years, carmakers have built some seriously strange sports cars, and these are some of the weirdest of them all. Over the last century, the automotive industry has given us some pretty iconic sports cars. Think of the Porsche 911 that’s widely considered the greatest sports car of all time, the incredible Dodge Viper that […]

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Porsche Developing LMDh Prototype For Top Class Sports Car Races In 2023

The LMDh racer will weigh 2,204 lbs and have a hybrid powertrain capable of 670 hp. Finally, an auto manufacturer has formally signaled its entry into the future world of hypercar racing. After detailing its Le Mans 911 RSR racer, Porsche has officially expressed its intentions to build Le Mans Daytona hypercar prototypes that would compete in the new top sports […]

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The Coolest Features Found Inside The Aston Martin Vanquish

Once Aston Martin’s flagship sports car, the Vanquish is a naturally-aspirated V12 monster with features that would leave even James Bond impressed. The Aston Martin Vanquish has been two generations of cars, and all set to vanquish the likes of Ferraris and Lambo with its new avatar said to be out in 2024. It is dubbed as […]