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2021 Land Rover Defender is a Skillful Update of a Storied SUV

Gerry McGovern, chief design officer for Land Rover, knew what he wanted when the time came to redesign the Land Rover Defender, the brand’s oldest vehicle, one whose styling had changed little over the decades. “I wasn’t constantly thinking about the old one and told the team not to do that either,” he said. “I think […]

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Supercar Blondie Takes On The 2020 Ranger Rover Defender

Normally, the four million-plus fans of the Supercar Blondie YouTube Channel expect that its videogenic host would be getting into something sporty or luxurious. Case in point is the Dubai-based automotive reviewer’s recent experience with the 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo. But this time, the First Lady of Fast Cars takes the luxurious element down a notch when checking out Land […]

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New Land Rover Defender V8 tests at the Nurburgring

Land Rover is working on a range-topping V8 version of the new Defender and the latest spy shots show it’s being put through its paces at the Nürburgring.Although it is not the natural habitat for the rugged 4×4, it suggests that extensive chassis retuning is required to ensure the Defender can handle the additional power.  Previous shots showed an […]