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Audi’s performance range extends with two distinct updates: the new RS 4 Avant and RS 5 family

Credits: www.automobilsport.com  The RS 4 and RS 5 model ranges bring a fresher and updated appeal to Audi’s performance range in South Africa • Retail launch of the new models will take place from 1 April 2021 • VIP customer deliveries have officially begun The RS 4 and RS 5 model ranges bring a fresher […]

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The Audi AI:TRAIL Concept Is The Future Of Off-Roading

Furnished with hammocks for seats, drones for headlights, and emission-free driving, the AI: TRAIL is claimed to be the future of off-roading. AI is expanding its domain rapidly across industries and the auto world is no exception. Manufacturers are rushing to be the first ones, to develop smart cars in every possible segment. The latest […]

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Bicycle Brand Canyon Creates Concept Car

Nineteenth-century German bicycle company Opel morphed into a motor car maker. On September 1, Canyon of Koblenz revealed it was potentially on the same trajectory as it added a concept electric car to its roster of high-end bicycles. The vehicle is a one-person “future mobility concept,” says the company—it can reach speeds of 37 miles […]

Taiwan and German company team up
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Taiwan and German company team up for driverless vehicle certification

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan is joining a German-based service provider in promoting the country’s driverless car technologies certification to surf the wave of self-driving opportunities post-coronavirus. Taiwan CAR (Connected, Autonomous, Road-test) Lab of the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) has teamed up with TUV Rheinland Taiwan to ensure the country’s autonomous vehicles meet international […]