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South Korea ups subsidies for eco-friendly cars to speed up green push

Credit: South Korea will offer up to 19 million won (515,000 baht) in subsidies to people who buy an electric car this year and up to 37.5 million won for a hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle to ensure more eco-friendly cars on the road as part of the country’s green push, according to the government’s […]

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Five Electric Cars that May Make lot of Sense to Speed-Up E-mobility in India

Electric cars are buzzing in several countries across the world with 2020 seeing an increased emphasis on making these options more affordable for mass adoption. Several countries like France, Germany and the United States have rolled out finance schemes which aim to bolster sale of battery-powered vehicles while many others like the UK, Japan and […]

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Electromobility and all its challenges (6/6)

In the last of our blogs looking at electromobility Mark Patrick, Mouser Electronics, considers what a future landscape could be like within the next ten years. In this series of blogs, we’ve looked at some of the exciting technological advancements happening in the automotive space, as governments and industry seek to move away from internal […]