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Hyundai, Kia’s Jan.-May eco-friendly car exports jump 45%

Credit: koreaherald.com Hyundai Motor Co. and its affiliate Kia Corp.’s environment friendly vehicle exports jumped 45 percent in the January-May period from a year earlier on strong demand for their hybrid sport utility vehicles. Hyundai and Kia shipped a combined 145,781 eco-friendly vehicles in the first five months, up from 100,691 units in the year-ago […]

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Will Ola Electric galvanize India’s EV movement like how Tesla did worldwide?

Credit: auto.hindustantimes.com Massive manufacturing facility, low booking amount, high production capabilities and claims of breakthrough product – Ola Electric and Tesla appear to have more similarities that you would expect. Ola Electric may not be regarded as pioneers of Indian electric vehicle movement and at first glance, comparisons to global EV leader Tesla may seem rather […]

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Top 5 Solar Powered Electric Cars Shaping the Trend of Solar Electric Vehicles (sEVs)

Credit: indianweb2.com All the countries across the world are working on the best electric cars that can be taken for long distances in a single charge. However, these cars also have to be charged that needs an electric charging point/station and you cannot use them in an emergency. To deal with this problem, some companies […]

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Nissan to announce major electric car project in the UK creating thousands of new jobs

Credit: mirror.co.uk Nissan is to announce a major expansion of battery production in Sunderland creating thousands of new jobs both directly and in the supply chain Nissan is preparing to announce a major expansion of battery production in Sunderland, in a move that will create thousands of new jobs as the shift to electric vehicles […]

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Bentley’s First EV Will Reportedly Be An Artemis-Based Crossover

Credits: www.carscoops.com Bentley is transitioning into an EV-only brand and new details are starting to emerge about their first electric vehicle. Speaking with Car Magazine, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark confirmed their upcoming EVs will be based on Audi’s Artemis Project. The four-ringed brand announced the project last year and said it would spawn a pioneering and highly efficient electric vehicle that […]

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Chinese £3,200 budget electric car takes on Tesla

Credit: bbc.com A budget electric vehicle (EV) selling in China for $4,500 (£3,200) is now outselling Tesla’s more upmarket cars. The compact car is proving a big hit for state-owned SAIC Motor, China’s top automaker. The Hong Guang Mini EV is being built as part of a joint venture with US car giant General Motors […]

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Electric cars are the future. Here’s how to get American drivers interested in them.

Credits: www.usatoday.com EVs are key to manufacturing jobs and reducing climate change emissions. The on-ramp to these benefits is exciting drivers the way the Model T did. Major electric vehicle announcements by President Joe Biden and General Motors are being hailed as a turning point in the transition to widespread EV production and deployment in America. This matters greatly, because this crucial […]

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China’s BYD electric vehicles to be sold in Australia from 2022

Credits: www.caradvice.com One of China’s biggest electric vehicle companies signs right-hand drive distribution agreement with Australian-owned company. One of China’s largest electric vehicle companies BYD has signed an agreement to sell cars in Australia, with the first cars due to arrive next year. BYD has been experimenting in Australia with a handful of cars since 2015 – […]

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2021 Audi E-Tron GT electric sedan debuts alongside 590-horsepower RS variant

Credits: www.cnet.com The electric sport-luxury sedan and its Audi Sport-tuned RS sibling will arrive later this year to challenge the current EV king, Tesla’s Model S. Audi has just revealed its new performance flagship and it’s electric. Also, there are two of them: Meet the 2021 Audi E-Tron GT Quattro and its sportier sister, the […]

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South Korea ups subsidies for eco-friendly cars to speed up green push

Credit: Bangkokpost.com South Korea will offer up to 19 million won (515,000 baht) in subsidies to people who buy an electric car this year and up to 37.5 million won for a hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle to ensure more eco-friendly cars on the road as part of the country’s green push, according to the government’s […]