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China is on course to build the best cars in the world for the right price

Credit: China pays relatively low wages and has millions of skilled workers steeped in the nation’s strong manufacturing culture. Europeans and other western nations have dominated automotive excellence for over a century. Whether it is the satisfying thud of the door closing on a Volkswagen from Wolfsburg, or the beauty of a Ferrari from […]

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The automotive market is changing. Can China show us the future?

Credits: The automotive sector is at a crossroads owing to changing customer behaviour and demand; A new study suggests the move away from petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles is growing stronger, but that there are significant difference between regional markets; Consumer attitudes in China, where autonomous vehicles and new mobility options are more positively received, […]

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Chinese £3,200 budget electric car takes on Tesla

Credit: A budget electric vehicle (EV) selling in China for $4,500 (£3,200) is now outselling Tesla’s more upmarket cars. The compact car is proving a big hit for state-owned SAIC Motor, China’s top automaker. The Hong Guang Mini EV is being built as part of a joint venture with US car giant General Motors […]

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Elon Musk: Tesla ‘very close’ to developing complete vehicle autonomy

During an appearance at the Shanghai-based World AI Conference, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced his company is “very close” to developing full self-driving vehicle technology. The executive expressed confidence his firm will achieve “basic functionality” Level 5 automobile autonomy this year. Uber, General Motors’ Cruise, and Alphabet’s Waymo have spent billions chasing the elusive technological breakthrough with […]

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ETAuto Originals: Will China fade away on the Indian automobile turf?

China is the single largest nation impacting Indian auto business, as it’s the biggest destination for sourcing and international purchase. Besides, fresh direct investment now is coming only from cash-rich Chinese automakers, who’s next target for inorganic growth is India that carries the potential to emerge as the largest globally in the times to come; […]

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Selling Chinese cars in U.S. proves to be an elusive goal

LOS ANGELES — Just as the coronavirus pandemic was plunging the U.S. auto industry into crisis and stripping millions of car sales from stunned retailers, Duke Hale was searching for American factory space to assemble Chinese crossovers for his Southern California startup. Hale, CEO of HAAH Automotive Holdings, partnered with China’s Chery Automobile Co. this […]