Hero Electric with Massive Mobility to set up 10,000 EV charging stations in a year

Credit: This network will be open to all electric vehicles and will push for more standardisation among manufacturers, Hero Electric said. Electric two-wheeler maker Hero Electric on Friday said it has partnered with the Delhi-based EV charging solutions startup Massive Mobility to set up 10,000 EV charging stations across the country in the next […]


White House Meets With Big Three Over Chip Shortage

Credit: The global semiconductor chip shortage is having major effects on supply chains across several industries, including automakers. There have been multiple instances in which car factories had to temporarily shut down due to the chip shortage affecting their ability to produce vital parts for vehicles. The White House is looking to get involved […]


Smart Cars Are Back From the Grave, Announcing Its Largest Small Car Yet

Credit: Smart has had a short and fun history in America. But as high-tech as its cars were, they couldn’t make it in the states. Despite that failure, Smart is building its largest small car yet. Here’s a look at its latest effort to dig itself out of its grave and breathe new life […]


Safety official says Tesla should address ‘basic safety issues’ before expanding full self-driving mode

Credit: The NTSB chair said Tesla’s use of the term “full self-driving” is “misleading and irresponsible.” Jennifer Homendy, chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, told the Wall Street Journal that Tesla should address “basic safety issues” before the carmaker expands its so-called “full self-driving” (FSD) mode. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier this […]


Dutch College Students Just Built the World’s First Solar-Powered Camper, and They’re Taking It On the Road

Credit: The automotive industry has finally started to embrace battery-powered vehicles—but students at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands are already thinking about what comes next. A group of 22 coeds working under the name Solar Team Eindhoven has just unveiled Stella Vita, the world’s first entirely solar-powered camper, according to Ars Technica. […]

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Ford, Argo AI to launch autonomous delivery service with Walmart

Credit: The service, initially available in three U.S. cities, will feature autonomous Ford Escape hybrid test vehicles using Argo AI technology to deliver Walmart orders to customers. Ford Motor Co. and its partner Argo AI will soon launch an autonomous vehicle delivery service with retail giant Walmart in three U.S. cities, the companies said […]

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China is on course to build the best cars in the world for the right price

Credit: China pays relatively low wages and has millions of skilled workers steeped in the nation’s strong manufacturing culture. Europeans and other western nations have dominated automotive excellence for over a century. Whether it is the satisfying thud of the door closing on a Volkswagen from Wolfsburg, or the beauty of a Ferrari from […]


Hard Craft: Ramón Cubiró’s marvelous miniature slot cars

Credit: Ramón Cubiró’s story begins in the coastal town of Sitges back in 1923—before he was even born. The opening of Autòdrom Terramar, Spain’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit, brought glamour, innovation, theater, and danger to the seaside resort, as well as the country’s inaugural Grand Prix. The steeply banked 2-km oval track was […]

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Tire Comparison Finds EV Rubber To Bring Real-World Advantages

Credit: There’s a good reason there are separate tires for EVs. Whether you like it or not, green motoring, courtesy of EVs, is becoming popular and sales numbers are out there to prove that. This popularity also comes with more products to support them, such as tires which are engineered differently for the cars […]


The Rise of Cyber-Attacks in the Automotive Industry

Credit: Losses to the tune of billions are experienced due to the rise of cyber-attacks in the automotive industry, and they are becoming progressively worse as more auto manufacturers join the autonomy space. Industry experts argue that autonomy is the future of the automotive industry, mainly because driverless cars are safer, more comfortable, and […]