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Apple Is Once Again Eyeing the Smart Car Market

Other firms are jumping in or ramping up and, with the fog from the COVID-19 pandemic clearing, we are looking out at a broader array of new vehicle plans Credit: Early in February, rumor had it that Apple is once again eyeing the smart car market, both electric and self-driving. Improved batteries and new […]

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Top 10 Most Popular Car Features In India

Credits: electing a perfect car/SUV can be a difficult task in India. Not just engine performance, fuel efficiency and seating capacity, other factors such as features, reliability, cost, brand loyalty and others also plays an role in buyers mind. Here’s the list of top 10 most popular features that Indian buyers want in their […]

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2021 Technology Trends in the Automotive Industry

Credit: The automotive industry has witnessed a technological revolution of late. Today’s average car is technologically sophisticated, buzzing with multiple microprocessors and millions of lines of software code! The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly leading us to autonomous vehicles that were once considered the vision of the future. IoT in the automotive industry […]

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Here’s Everything We Know About The Successor To The Lamborghini Aventador

New Lamborghini releases happen on a rare occasion. Hence when a new model is rumored, all supercar fanatics go wild for them. They want to know if it will be better, faster, more expensive, and exceed every supercar expectation.Lamborghini’s chief commercial officer, Giovanni Perosino, announced a successor to the Aventador is due in coming years. […]

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Here’s Everything We Know About The 2022 Nissan Pathfinder

Although there has been a lot of speculation about the Nissan Frontier, the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder remains shrouded in mystery.Nissan is wasting no time in trying to make 2021 a more successful year for the brand following the announcement that two new vehicles are on the way: the Nissan Frontier and the Nissan Pathfinder. The car manufacturer now […]

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[GLOBAL] 6 Countries That Produce the Most Cars

After 10 years of continuous growth, world auto production saw a significant decline in 2019, with global production decreasing more than 5% for the year. In 2019, manufacturers produced approximately 92 million vehicles worldwide, including 67 million cars and 25 million commercial vehicles. The decline in automobile production continued well into 2020 as manufacturing shutdowns […]

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Apple targets auto production by 2024 with ‘next level’ battery tech, report says

Apple Inc. is moving forward with self-driving car technology and is targeting 2024 to produce a passenger vehicle that could include its own breakthrough battery technology, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. The iPhone maker’s automotive efforts, known as Project Titan, have proceeded unevenly since 2014 when it first started to design its own […]

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MG Hector Facelift Expected to be Launched in India in January 2021

The new MG Hector facelift is expected to get a redesigned grille and fresh set of five-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels.The new MG Hector facelift is expected to come with dual-tone interiors.The updated Hector will get the same engine and transmission options that the current Hector has.The new MG Hector will rival the second-gen Hyundai Creta, […]

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Porsche Developing LMDh Prototype For Top Class Sports Car Races In 2023

The LMDh racer will weigh 2,204 lbs and have a hybrid powertrain capable of 670 hp. Finally, an auto manufacturer has formally signaled its entry into the future world of hypercar racing. After detailing its Le Mans 911 RSR racer, Porsche has officially expressed its intentions to build Le Mans Daytona hypercar prototypes that would compete in the new top sports […]