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GMC Hummer Ev Expected To Span Multiple GVWR Classes

While it is far from the first electric vehicle that GM has made over the years, the GMC Hummer EV strikes a very different tone. It’s massively powerful, packs a battery unrivaled in size, and should dominate off-road when the need arises. In short, this is no Chevy Bolt EV. Most importantly though is the fact that it is a […]

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The Redesigned 2021 Cadillac Escalade is the First True Cadillac in Decades

Over the past couple decades, it’s been agonizing to watch Cadillac grapple with its car lineup in an attempt to out-German the German automakers. It’s as if they were embarrassed about their own remarkably rich and historic heritage, one that stretches back to the industry’s beginnings. What customers truly desire from Cadillac is generous size, […]

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Ford Edge – A Compact SUV with Superior Features

The expected launch of all new Ford Edge will be in 2021. It’s a compact SUV with all new features, comfortable seats with modern interior and exterior, Diverse powertrain options, nicely insulated cabin, and two row comfort. Well, point is what’s new in this car. New wheel design with advanced disciplined on road methodology, Standard […]

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2021 Mercedes-Benz E450 All-Terrain Is a Familiar Wagon in Disguise

We’ve loved station wagons since before shoppers decided they were lame, and we still keep a special place in our hearts for the few manufacturers who still sell them. Audi, Jaguar (not for long), Porsche, and Volvo all sell wagons, but Mercedes-Benz has been doing the long-roof longer than the competition. For 2021, however, Mercedes is making its E-class wagon a […]

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This Is What The 2021 Telluride Means For KDM In America

The Kia Telluride is a striking change from the normally conservative design language we’ve come to expect from KDM cars. The days where you could only buy a decent built car from Germany and Japan are well and truly over. In the second decade of the 21st Century, cars built and designed in Korea have […]

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Electric Vehicle Market Hits Its Tipping Point

Electric vehicles have been the coming thing for quite some time now.  Twelve years ago Tesla TSLA-0.1% debuted its first EV, the Roadster. Ever since, EV enthusiasts have been predicting that the U.S. market for electron-powered personal transportation would soon bloom.   In the intervening years a number of promising electric cars—some from major manufacturers not named Tesla—have arrived […]

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This Lemon Caused Vauxhall To Be Driven Out Of North America

Only sold in Canada, the Viva Firenza remains a mostly unknown name outside the country. Within Canada, the Viva Firenza was widely hated Certain models like the Mustang live on as a famous name through history, standing out as prime examples of what a car can be. Yet, some cars stand out for being good and inventive, while […]

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Cadillac sings a new song with all-electric LYRIQ show car

In a blue-lit studio at Cadillac’s design headquarters, the car maker’s top executives took the stage on Thursday evening to address an online audience across the globe. Cadillac’s brass were gathered to present the new LYRIQ, an all-electric show car that embodies the ambitious plans for the automaker’s future. With its long wheelbase, low roofline […]