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These Are The Meanest American Sports Car Renders We Have Ever Seen

Credits: www.hotcars.com Many graphic artists have made some pretty astonishing renders of these American cars we all love. The United States of America is among the most prominent countries in the world of car manufacturers. After all, most, if not all the muscle cars we know of came from the U.S. Car manufacturers like Ford, […]

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Four Reasons to Hold Your Applause For Automakers’ Big EV Promises

Credits: usa.streetsblog.org General Motors made waves when it announced last week that it would aim to manufacture only electric vehicles by 2035 — but advocates are skeptical that the move will have much of a climate impact without a slate of accompanying policy changes. On its surface, the news that the automaker behind many of […]

2021 Auto News American cars General Motors USA USA automobiles

General Motors to eliminate gasoline and diesel light-duty cars and SUVs by 2035

Credits: www.washingtonpost.com Big U.S. automaker says it will invest heavily in electric vehicles and be carbon neutral by 2040 General Motors has pledged to stop making gasoline-powered passenger cars, vans and sport utility vehicles by 2035, marking a historic turning point for the iconic American carmaker and promising a future of new electric vehicles for […]

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Here Come the Self-Driving Trucks: GMC Sierra Goes Hands-Free

Self-driving technology is coming to a pickup truck near you. GMC says it will offer its hands-free driver-assistance feature Super Cruise on its Sierra pickup sometime in 2022. While the Sierra will not be the first GMC product to option the award-winning technology – that honor will go to the Hummer EV in 2021 – the Sierra […]

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Versatile Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Gets a New Face and AWD

Good looks. Stow ’n’ go seats. Vacuum cleaner. Sliding cabinet drawers. Under-floor storage. Three-row comfort. Kick-open sliding doors. Plug-in hybrid. The Chrysler Pacifica minivan almost had it all.Where’s the all-wheel drive?” asked customers. Jeez, some people just can’t be satisfied. So rejoice, minivan fans. For 2021, the significantly refreshed Pacifica offers AWD just like its […]

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2020 Lincoln Aviator Plug-In Hybrid Boasts Eco-Friendly Luxury

The idea of an eco-friendly three-row SUV might sound like an oxymoron, but Ford has actually done it with the all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring edition.A new model for 2020, the automaker based the Aviator on the completely redesigned Ford Explorer SUV. But Ford added plug-in hybrid technology and tons of luxury accoutrements. Exterior […]

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Nissan Said to be in Talks with US Startup to Electrify Pickup

Nissan Motor Co. is looking to breathe new life into its wheezing full-size pickup truck by electrifying it with the help of a Detroit-based startup, according to people familiar with the matter.The Japanese automaker is considering buying a battery-electric powertrain from Hercules Electric Vehicles for its Titan pickup and sharing parts for the startup’s own […]

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GM To Announce Cadillac Will Go All-Electric By 2025

General Motors refuses to be left behind as the auto industry accelerates towards an all-electric future. Tesla may have been the catalyst that helped to ignite change, but GM fully intends to retain its leadership status. Earlier this month, CEO Mary Barra announced plans to bring EVs to market faster than initially planned. Reuters now says […]

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Ford’s e-Transit Should Be an “Electric Workhorse”

Ford has presented the electric version of its Transit van model scheduled to go on sale in late 2021. Eight configurations are on offer, including three height and three length variants. The base price in the USA is expected to be below 45,000 dollars. In Europe, the “electric workhorse” is scheduled to be launched in […]