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Bugatti is beaten: SSC Tuatara just went over 500 km/h

SSC Tuatara is the new king of speed.

SSC may not be as popular as Koenigsegg or Bugatti when it comes to building hypercars, but the US-based manufacturer is known for building fast cars. And we mean really, fast cars. In fact, the company has been competing with the other two manufacturers for the title of the world’s fastest production car as early as 2007 with the SSC Ultimate Aero.

The title has since switched hands multiple times with one of the latest being Bugatti’s Chiron Super Sport 300+ introduced last year after hitting 490.48 km/h. Now, the title is officially back with SSC as their new Tuatara hypercar just recorded a new top speed of 508.73 km/h (316.11 mph). Yep, this beast of a machine just went over 500 km/h.

With professional racing driver Oliver Webb behind the wheel of a production model Tuatara on street tires and non-race fuel, the hypercar managed to set an average of 508.73 km/h following two runs in opposite directions; one run hit 484.53 km/h (301.07 mph) and the other at 532.93 km/h (331.15 mph). Not impressed by the speed? Webb said that the car could have even gone faster if it weren’t for the crosswinds.

In addition to the title of “Fastest Production Vehicle”, the SSC Tuatara broke a bunch of other world records at the same time. The automaker says the hypercar set a new record for the fastest flying mile on a public road, at 503.92 km/h (313.12 mph), and the fastest flying kilometer on a public road, at 517.16 km/h (321.35 mph).

We don’t know where owners of the Tuatara will use all 1,750 HP from the twin-turbo 5.9-liter V8. Hopefully, they don’t try to reach the same speeds hit by Webb during his run on the streets. While the record might have been set on a public road, it was obviously closed down in order to make this run possible.

Want to own the world’s fastest car? SSC is building a total of 100 units with each unit starting at USD 1,625,000 (PhP 79 million).

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