Next Nissan GT-R R36 set for Australia

Credit: November 2021 might mark the end of the current Nissan GT-R in Australia – but there’s a new one on the horizon, and it’s all but confirmed for Australia. The next generation of the iconic Nissan GT-R seems destined for Australian showrooms, despite new side-impact crash regulations calling time early on its predecessor […]

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UK firm Soventem details racing-inspired urban EVs for 2024

Credit: Firm plans to launch small electric cars using radical, carbon-neutral production techniques New British firm Soventem is hoping to shake up the EV industry with a unique take on car sharing, using carbon-neutral electric cars with unconventional designs and a focus on automation. The London-based start-up aims to launch its EVs in the […]


Absolute Powerhouse: Next-Generation 2022 Toyota Tundra

Credit: With a plethora of adventure-ready, go-anywhere, been-anywhere vehicles cementing its foundation, the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra is born from a lineage of trucks and SUVs rooted in quality, durability and reliability. Its predecessors hit the million-mile mark on more than one occasion thanks to a team of engineers who built the truck above […]


Safety official says Tesla should address ‘basic safety issues’ before expanding full self-driving mode

Credit: The NTSB chair said Tesla’s use of the term “full self-driving” is “misleading and irresponsible.” Jennifer Homendy, chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, told the Wall Street Journal that Tesla should address “basic safety issues” before the carmaker expands its so-called “full self-driving” (FSD) mode. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier this […]


Dutch College Students Just Built the World’s First Solar-Powered Camper, and They’re Taking It On the Road

Credit: The automotive industry has finally started to embrace battery-powered vehicles—but students at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands are already thinking about what comes next. A group of 22 coeds working under the name Solar Team Eindhoven has just unveiled Stella Vita, the world’s first entirely solar-powered camper, according to Ars Technica. […]

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Stealth Robocar Startup Sees Remote Drivers as Autonomy Shortcut

Credit: Deploying vast fleets of robocars has been much tougher than Tesla Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo and others thought. One European startup is now pitching an intermediate step to full autonomy: teledriving. Germany’s Vay, which has been quietly testing a fleet of remote-controlled electric vehicles all over Berlin, plans to roll out a mobility […]

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The Chevy Bolt recall is burning up what’s left of GM’s EV good will

Credit: The largest automaker in the US has big goals for electric vehicles, but the last half-decade is now full of stumbles General Motors plans to launch 30 new electric vehicles around the world by 2025, and aspires to sell only zero-emissions vehicles by 2035. But over the last few years, the United States’ […]

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The Rivian R1T Just Became the First Electric Truck to Go Into Production

Credit: No other electric truck is expected to go into production until early next year. The electric truck era is finally upon us. The first Rivian R1T pickup built for a customer rolled off the line at the startup’s production facility in Normal. The milestone, which comes after several delays, makes the R1T the […]

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Chinese electric car company builds robot unicorn

Credit: Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng unveils its mechanical unicorn project – a robot similar to an autonomous vehicle that kids can ride and interact with. Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, Xpeng, has created a robot ‘unicorn’ – a device equipped for children to ride. Named the “Little White Dragon”, its automotive-derived sensors and artificial […]

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Ola S1 Scooters Are Being Sold At A Blistering Pace

Credit: The startup is flipping four scooters every single second. Ola Electric officially opened bookings for the newly launched S1 scooter. Considering all the hype that has been built up surrounding the new scooter, the Ola Electric was certainly expecting a very positive response. However, it would appear that folks are more than eager […]