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Govt may lower import duty for Tesla vehicles, but on one condition

Credits: www.indiatoday.in The government said it may consider reducing import duty for Tesla as Elon Musk’s company gears up to sell electric vehicles in India. But the government has one condition. Here is all you need to know. The central government has said it may consider lowering import duty and other incentives for Tesla, which […]

2021 Auto News

UK must lead in battery and fuel cell technology or risk losing its automotive industry

Credits: www.politicshome.com The UK is at risk of losing its existing automotive industry, falling further behind global competitors in battery manufacture and failing to meet our net-zero commitment. As a member of the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, I’m delighted to draw attention to our report into battery and fuel-cell technology, published […]

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For two years now, Elon Musk has cited one reason for the delay in Tesla’s India launch

Credit: qz.com On July 24, the American electric vehicle firm’s CEO Elon Musk—once again—suggested that Tesla wants to launch its cars in India but is holding back because of the country’s import duties, which are “highest in the world by far for any large country.” Musk was responding to a tweet by a Youtuber who requested him to launch Tesla […]


Why HAAH’s plan to import Chinese vehicles collapsed

Credit: us.newschant.com HAAH’s business plan shifted because it tried to herald Chinese vehicles. At one level, HAAH labored to import vehicles from Zotye Automobile Co. It later proposed assembling crossovers within the U.S. from its newer Chinese companion, Chery Automobile Co. HAAH created two new U.S. manufacturers, Vantas and T-GO, to market the Chery crossovers. […]

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Credit: info.japanesecartrade.com Japan being world’s leading producer of all kinds of cars, SUV, MUV, sports cars, trucks, mini trucks, buses manufactures hundreds of new models every year with latest technology and features. Japanese manufactured vehicles are known for high quality, reliability and technology beyond compare throughout the world. New models with great fuel efficiency and eco-friendly technologies are launched frequently by Japanese […]

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The Electric F-150 and the Lifestyle-Truck Virus

Credits: usa.streetsblog.org Would subsidizing the purchase of new pickup trucks enhance or diminish the welfare of our communities? If you think putting more trucks on the road is a bad idea, your position is at odds with parts of federal government policy. Starting next year, Ford will be selling an electric variant of America’s most-popular vehicle, the […]

2021 Auto News Indian automobiles

Fasten your seatbelts: MG connected car technology

Credits: www.financialexpress.com From understanding Hinglish voice commands to offering seamless connectivity on the go, cars are getting more and more hi-tech, making the driving experience easier, smoother and smarter Your car rides are set to get more and more hi-tech. Today, one can remotely start the vehicle, switch on or off climate control, open and […]

2021 Auto News

Beyond autonomy: how AI is driving the automotive industry

Credits: www.theengineer.co.uk AI innovation is driving the automotive industry forwards in ways that go way beyond vehicle autonomy, says Dr Richard Ahlfeld, CEO and founder of Monolith AI Artificial intelligence leads many of the most innovative areas of the automotive industry at this time. Although traditionally associated with autonomous cars, the industry is also working on AI […]

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Hyundai, Kia’s Jan.-May eco-friendly car exports jump 45%

Credit: koreaherald.com Hyundai Motor Co. and its affiliate Kia Corp.’s environment friendly vehicle exports jumped 45 percent in the January-May period from a year earlier on strong demand for their hybrid sport utility vehicles. Hyundai and Kia shipped a combined 145,781 eco-friendly vehicles in the first five months, up from 100,691 units in the year-ago […]


Kia enjoys increase in city car sales

Credit: koreatimes.co.kr With drivers preferring larger vehicles these days, city cars have continued to lose their presence in Korea’s car market. However, Kia is actually enjoying increased sales of its city cars, the Morning and the Ray. A Kia representative said Monday that the Ray is especially attracting more drivers as the company has added […]