2021 Toyota Yaris Cross earns five-star safety rating

Credit: drive.com.au Toyota’s pint-size city SUV has earned top marks in the latest round of crash tests. The 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross city SUV has been awarded five stars for crash safety following a series of tests in Australia and Europe – with right- and left-hand-drive vehicles. Most testing was conducted in Australia – including […]


Hero Electric with Massive Mobility to set up 10,000 EV charging stations in a year

Credit: auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com This network will be open to all electric vehicles and will push for more standardisation among manufacturers, Hero Electric said. Electric two-wheeler maker Hero Electric on Friday said it has partnered with the Delhi-based EV charging solutions startup Massive Mobility to set up 10,000 EV charging stations across the country in the next […]


White House Meets With Big Three Over Chip Shortage

Credit: motorbiscuit.com The global semiconductor chip shortage is having major effects on supply chains across several industries, including automakers. There have been multiple instances in which car factories had to temporarily shut down due to the chip shortage affecting their ability to produce vital parts for vehicles. The White House is looking to get involved […]


Volvo to go leather-free in all electric models

Credit: autocar.co.uk Firm will look to reduce animal harm by implementing more sustainable and recycled materials into its cars All new fully electric Volvo models will be completely leather-free from 2025, with many interior options set to be replaced by more sustainable materials. The change comes as the manufacturer looks to reduce animal harm and its contribution to […]


Tesla drivers take their eyes off the road when on autopilot, study finds

Credit: drive.com.au A landmark study into driver behaviour shows Tesla owners have blind faith in autonomous technology rather than watching the road ahead. Cars that do some of the driving for us – but are not yet completely autonomous – are at risk of turning us into dangerous drivers, a landmark study in the US […]

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Ford will recycle its EV batteries with ex-Tesla exec’s startup

Credit: theverge.com JB Straubel’s Redwood Materials has a new, big customer and investor Ford has tapped startup Redwood Materials — run by former Tesla chief technology officer JB Straubel — to handle the recycling of its electric vehicle batteries. The two companies also plan to use this new partnership to help build out the battery […]


Did Henry Ford invent the car?

Credit: auto.howstuffworks.com There’s perhaps no single person more associated with the automobile than Henry Ford. Ford is credited with bringing the car to the masses, which transformed driving from a pastime for the rich into an integral part of daily life for millions of people. Just imagine what the world would look like without the […]


Smart Cars Are Back From the Grave, Announcing Its Largest Small Car Yet

Credit: motorbiscuit.com Smart has had a short and fun history in America. But as high-tech as its cars were, they couldn’t make it in the states. Despite that failure, Smart is building its largest small car yet. Here’s a look at its latest effort to dig itself out of its grave and breathe new life […]

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How Do Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Work Using Hydrogen?

Credit: afdc.energy.gov Like all-electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) use electricity to power an electric motor. In contrast to other electric vehicles, FCEVs produce electricity using a fuel cell powered by hydrogen, rather than drawing electricity from only a battery. During the vehicle design process, the vehicle manufacturer defines the power of the vehicle […]

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GM says defect-free Bolt batteries are in production

Credit: theverge.com It will start swapping them in October, but the recall is far from over General Motors said Monday that it will start swapping new batteries into Chevy Bolt EVs in October in response to at least a dozen fires that triggered a massive recall. GM did not say when it will restart production […]