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This Is The Best 818 Factory Five Racing Kit We Have Ever Seen

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The following list of characteristics justifies why there is such a craze about the 818 Factory five racing kit.

Factory Five Racing is one of the most popular car building companies in America. Their recently developed 818 Factory Five racing kit is probably one of the best we have ever seen.

Factory Five has been known to produce sports cars, kits, car bodies, and replicas of automobiles. The racing kits are not pre-assembled by this famous American automobile company but sold separately to their customers or a third party to be assembled and sold by them. You get to modify your own automobile using the coolest parts manufactured by Factory Five, and thus, the slogan ‘built, not bought.’

Before the 818 racing, Factory Five was known to have designed and manufactured several bestselling car kits. There was the FFR Roadster Series, the Challenge Racer, the GTM supercar, the FFR Type 65 Coupe, and the 33 Hot Rod. Their newest project has been the 818 racing kit, which has now become a significant competitor in the supercar market after being available for purchase.

The 818 C Coupe kit, whose design and build is based on the 818 S, comes for an estimated price of about $12,990. With the 818 racing kit’s advancement, now all 818 frames come with a hardtop that is removable, a glass hatch, and quarter windows at the back. There are brand new fenders, a renewed headlight getup, and a headlamp bucket with a three-dimensional print on the front.

The following list of characteristics justifies why there is such a craze about the 818 Factory five racing kit.

Its Unique Design

The 818 racing kit comes in a modern design and not as a replica of a vintage model. This is to cater to the standard of being a world car, although vintage models are still a fascination among the wealthy. Other than offering a lightweight chassis, it comes in an optional but elegant glass black powder color.

This model features the classic Factory Five space-frame chassis; it comes with a sturdy side-impact safeguard, front and back crumple zones, and composite aluminum chassis panels. These Panels will form the cockpit, engine, and floors of the supercar. The headlights on this car kit are equipped with turning lights, hind lights, windshields, badges, mesh vent, and gas cap.

It Extraordinary Build

The 818 racing kit is famous for its lightweight tubular, steel chassis as this model focuses on being low weight. The running used is the Subaru running gear because Factory Five wanted to design something that can be marketable on a global scale. This running gear also adds to the car kit’s low weight characteristic, alongside the beneficial traits of a low center of gravity and a fine balance.

The cooling and regulation kit is made to coordinate with the Subaru radiator. The fuel mechanism also needs to coordinate with the Subaru fuel pump lines. For shock control, the coil of the KONI brand is used as a shock kit.

This model has the provision of a side impact tube and a full race cage; it uses the factory sizes in the case of tires and wheels. There is also the option of upgraded build with Wilson brakes, performance shocks, and increased wheel performance, all at an affordable price. It has a multi-rear suspension whose geometry has been designed to suit a compatible weight distribution in the chassis and for lowering the center of gravity.

The Experience It Offers

The 818 racing kit by Factory Five is becoming a significant sell amongst third-party car builders and other customers who want to customize their supercars because it offers an exclusively fun experience. Another reason for popularity amongst buyers of this model is its relatively lower build cost. This was possible because of all the provisions this frame received from its donor vehicle, Impreza. This includes the brake system, a cooling system, drivetrain, and steering system.

The 818 racing kit offers a suitable street ride, but it also comes with well-made suspension handling. The cockpit of the car might be big, but the car size is optimized. It can comfortably accommodate a driver whose height is around 6 feet. The interiors are padded with advanced seat choices, with a soft top and a removable hardtop. The feeling of a fine balance is due to the mid-mounted flat-four, which is longitudinal and low slung right behind the driver’s compartment. It also comes with an E-brake adaptor other than seat choices and a center console with an upgraded shifter assembly.