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Kia K8 Sedan Revealed In First Official Images

Credits: www.hotcars.com

Kicking off a new era for the automaker, it’s the first sedan to sport the brand’s new logo.

Earlier in 2021, Kia ditched the “Motors” part of its name and took up the “Movement That Inspires” motto as it looked to head into a new era, featuring hybrid and electric cars. With that in mind, the new era for the company just needed its first creation, and Kia has now launched that car. This is the Kia K8, a design that they say fuses innovation with elegance to create a very sleek and futuristic sedan profile.

Kia Building On Its Success With The K7

Having already achieved success with the Kia K7, the brand was in a good position to capitalize on that and move forwards. The first images show the brand’s new design identity and the new logo that will feature on Kia cars going forward. But this is an all-new model, with no carry-over from the K7. This is confirmed by Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design Center, who said, “While paying homage to the K7, the K8 looks to the future.”

Exterior Details Receive Futuristic Styling On The K8

The exterior shows that this is a Kia for the future. The K8 has a ‘tiger nose’ grille, a direction a lot of car companies are heading towards, which is integrated into the front bumper. The front lamps include an interesting feature, namely a turn signal that resembles a star. The rear-end has been described as “muscular” by Kia that features drop shoulders, and a rather clean spoiler that gives it a sporty look and finishes the roofline, which is also quite sporty. A horizontal taillight runs across the back, under the spoiler, connecting the LED rear light clusters of the K8.

Takes Design Inspiration From Yachts

Further details include the chrome finish along the bottom of the doors and the “daylight opening.”