2021 Auto News

Humble Motors’ new concept SUV is solar powered and has 1020 hp of power

Credits: www.economictimes.indiatimes.com

According to Humble Motors, solar-powered EVs mean truly clean mobility for everyone. Automobiles and medium and heavy-duty trucks emit 22% of the world’s greenhouse gases, a rapidly changing figure if we don’t act. Furthermore, the world is struggling to develop the infrastructure needed for electric vehicles. According to the scientific research nonprofit International Council on Clean Transportation, approximately 1400 charging stations will need to be installed every day just in California to supply the energy required to sustain all of the new EVs.

What are its specs

Conceptualized from the ground up to be as efficient and lightweight as possible while meeting stringent automotive and safety regulations. The calculated range is 500 miles. The vehicle has a maximum output of 1020hp power, and 0.25 drag coefficient. 80 square feet of highly efficient and patent-pending solar cells on the roof, sidelites, passenger doors, and fold-out “wings” can add 10-60 miles a day in driving range, depending on where you live.

Leapfrogging the grid

Solar-powered electric vehicles leapfrog the grid. The Humble solution is to allow people to travel an unprecedented distance without stopping at a charger station, using what is available in all parts of the world: the sun.

How do you charge it

You could drive without the need for charge stations with solar-powered electric vehicles. Grid-independent vehicles are the future. But you can also charge the vehicle with a standard household power socket, a standard EV charging point or an EV fast charge.