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How Much Do Tesla Cars Cost?

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Elon Musk’s recent innovations got more people asking about Tesla car prices.

The company’s Cybertruck is poised to release later this year. Also, more people are purchasing electric vehicles, so there are more inquiries regarding Tesla car costs.

If you intend to ride the green hype, you should check the available options. Tesla provides an expansive variety of vehicle types to suit everyone’s needs.

Peruse their unique features such as falcon-wing doors and full self-driving capability. Match your needs to find out which Tesla model is right for you!

What Is Tesla?

Before we explore Tesla car costs, let’s briefly elaborate on the company’s history.

Elon Musk and a group of engineers founded Tesla in 2003. These pioneers shared a bold vision: to prove electric automobiles can surpass gasoline automobiles in every way.

The company blazed the trail with the Roadster with its novel electric powertrain and battery tech. Eventually, people who desired lower Tesla car prices found them in the latest models.

Its journey toward innovation is far from over, though. In late 2021, Tesla will release the first batch of the Cybertruck’s dual-motor AWD version.

After more than 10 years, Tesla stayed true to its vision of developing the best electric vehicles. By acquiring your first Tesla vehicle, you too can join the hype.

What Type Of Tesla Cars Are There?

You might be wondering what s the cost of a Tesla car.

Well, the price of a Tesla vehicle depends on multiple factors. Besides the model’s base price, each version has different price ranges.

If you require additional functionality, you may add Tesla vehicle accessories to the price tag. Cyclists may include a bike rack, while others may include snow tires.

With so many options, you should first determine your desired Tesla vehicle features. Also, check your available budget for your new electric car.

What to Look For

Tesla Car Cost

Aside from Tesla car prices, you should also analyze the specifications and features.

Decide if you want your Tesla as a sedan or truck. You may acquire the current models or wait for the upcoming Cybertruck later this year.

As we’ve mentioned, accessories can increase Tesla car costs. Some have a heftier price than others, such as the self-driving capability.

Here are the Tesla vehicles currently available. We’ll showcase their specs and price range and briefly elaborate on their features.

Tesla S

This was Elon Musk’s first electric vehicle that bested every competitor in its category.

The Tesla S is classified into 3 variants, Long Range, Plaid, and Plaid+. This Tesla car’s price starts at $81,190 with the Long Range. On a full charge, it could travel approximately 412 miles.

For better performance, upgrade to the Model S Plaid starting at $121,190. It’s estimated to go from 0-60 mph in 2.0 seconds with a 200 mph top speed.

If you want a superior model S sedan, you may purchase the Tesla S Plaid+. This Tesla vehicle’s cost begins at $141,190, and it has a driving range exceeding 520 miles.

Tesla X

Here’s the Tesla model SUV recognized for its “Falcon Wing” doors.

What’s more, it’s currently the most expensive Tesla on sale. For the Long Range variant, this Tesla vehicle costs around $91,190 with 360 miles of estimated range.

On the other hand, the Plaid provides quicker acceleration and reaches a higher top speed. The speedier Tesla X starts with a $121,190 price tag.

Tesla 3

Tesla Car Cost

Now, let’s elaborate on the more affordable Tesla automobiles.

The Tesla 3 has the lowest Tesla prices among the other models. Its Standard Range Plus variant starts at $39,190 and an estimated range of 263 miles.

The Long Range variant is a step up, starting at $48,190 with a greater 353 miles of range. Finally, there’s the racier Performance variant with an initial price of $56,190.

Tesla Y

This is the more affordable alternative to the Tesla X.

This Tesla car costs approximately $43,190 for the Standard Range variant. What’s more, it can run approximately 244 miles on a fully-charged battery pack.

Next, the Long Range model starts at $48,190 with estimated 353 miles of range. It also has a Performance variant with an EPA-rated 315 miles of range and a $56,190 price tag.


Finally, here’s the highly anticipated Tesla vehicle for 2021.

Recognized for its unique aesthetic, this Tesla car costs approximately $39,900. Moreover, the dual-motor AWD variant costs $10,000 while the tri-motor AWD option costs around $30,000.