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Here Are The Reasons We’re Excited About The New Porsche GT3 RS

Credits: www.hotcars.com

Porsche is about the release their new track-ready supercar, and we’re hyped to list for you all the ways it’s going to thrill buyers.

hroughout our journey as car enthusiasts, we’ve encountered all types of opinions, dreams, and styles of all types of gearheads. Though, as Porsche-lovers, we never could quite understand those who found the German carmaker “boring.”

Sure, Porsche likes to keep their designs the same over time, but it’s not like they’re sacrificing any quality to do so. Actually, they are some of the fastest cars available. Soon, they’ll release an even quicker one, too: the 992-body Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

There’s still a lot that’s unknown about the 992 GT3, but we’re amped up nonetheless! Allow us to share with you why we’re so excited for the new Porsche GT3 RS, as well as all it entails.

No Turbochargers Or Hybrid Systems

As great as the boost of a turbocharger is, or the KERS system in a hybrid vehicle, these improvements take away from what’s so special about the 911 GT3’s. For quite some time now, the GT3/GT3 RS has stood as a stalwart example of what a car can accomplish WITHOUT any forced-induction assistance.

Yes, there’s an argument to be made for why Porsche should implement a turbo setup onto the GT3’s. However, even without them, Porsche has managed to keep the N/A 4.0L flat-six in running contention with other turbocharged supercars (i.e. Ferrari 488, McLaren 720S, etc.). Plus, turbos can lag, which isn’t great around every racetrack or all corners.

A Huge Spoiler

When we see a new and improved supercar, there’s always one question that comes to mind. As Sim-racing legend Jimmy Broadbent once put it, “Can I put a ‘wang’ [wing] on this?” Every good racer needs an awesome aero-kit, not the least of which including a gigantic rear spoiler.

Thankfully, that’s something Porsche has taken into account. Rather than use the classic spoiler (as seen on the 991 GT3), they’ve opted for a much larger, wider wing. Of course, this will improve downforce and traction in the rear, but it’s the aesthetic that’s really grabbed our attention!

Stick Shift

Since the mid-2010’s, the old manual transmission setup has rapidly begun to fade from everyday use. As Toyota stated back in 2019, the standard transmission as we know it was on its way out. That may be the case for most cars, but not Porsche.

As you’ll come to see throughout this article, Porsche both embraces modern technology whilst simultaneously being true to their past selves (more on this later). Their steadfast use of the manual transmission, even now, is a great example of this. Just because a paddle-shift/’Tiptronic’ is quicker, doesn’t necessarily mean it makes for a better driving experience.