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Can The New SEAT Ibiza Beat The Peugeot 208?

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The Ibiza is a utility vehicle with a sporty aesthetic and a Latin character, the latter being part of the car’s charm.

Spanish auto giant SEAT has recently announced the arrival of a new Arona vehicle and that of the new Ibiza at the same time. Both cars are scheduled to be released on April 15.

SEAT claims that the new Ibiza will receive a mild overhaul, rather like the Arona has, which means that SEAT has focused on ensuring that there is a sense of consistency with the design of its new cars. According to Auto Express, the Spanish car manufacturer has referred to the new Ibiza’s design as ‘evolved.’

Together with the Leon, the Arona and the Ibiza are some of SEAT’s most successful models. The Ibiza has been widely popular for years. It is a utility vehicle with a sporty aesthetic and a Latin character, the latter being part of the car’s charm.

Despite this, the new SEAT Ibiza should expect some competition. The latest Peugeot 208 comes with a complete redesign and outstanding characteristics in comparison to the old 104 and 107 versions. Now that the PSA family, of which Peugeot is a central component of, has merged with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) to form Stellantis, they will no doubt be keen to capitalize on this new venture and compete with the likes of Volkswagen.

Based on what we know so far, which car is likely to do better? Let’s explore how much information there is about the new Peugeot and SEAT vehicles. 

How Much Do We Know About The New SEAT Ibiza’s Design?

It is likely that there are not going to be many changes to the exterior design of the new Ibiza, but there will be some new features. These include new headlight and grille treatment at the front, plus a redesigned front bumper.

SEAT has released a teaser image that indicates that the rear of the updated hatchback has had some changes, too. This includes the new Ibiza badging that witnesses a switch to the handwritten style font used on the Spanish car brand’s latest models. Whether or not it was a good idea for SEAT to remain consistent with the exterior design of its new vehicle remains yet to be seen.

Whilst SEAT may have failed to seize on an opportunity to update the exterior design of its new Ibiza, that does not mean that there will not be any technological updates, so the Spanish car giant told Auto Express. They claim that there will be increased digital functionality, which suggests that updated infotainment software will be a huge aspect of the new Ibiza’s mid-life design.

The Spanish car giant claims that it is focused on improving the perceived quality of the cabin, and it aims to do this by adding new and more upmarket materials.

How Much Do We Know About The New SEAT Ibiza’s Engine?

Explica has indicated that new engines will more than likely arrive, some of them with light hybridization. The current SEAT Ibiza can come with either a 1.0- or a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, rated between 95 and 150PS (94-148hp; 70-110kW). The Ibiza can be bought with a naturally aspirated unit capable of 80PS (79hp/59kW).

Until the car comes out on Monday, few details are known about the new SEAT Ibiza’s engine for now, but considering the Spanish car brand has aimed for consistency with the design of this new model, it would be wise not to expect them to radically change the performance of the new SEAT Ibiza’s engine.

Could The Latest Peugeot 208 Pose A Threat To The New SEAT Ibiza’s Fortunes?

The good thing about the new Peugeot 208 is that there are a variety of engines to choose from. Drivers can opt for either electric, gasoline or diesel versions. The electric engine ensures that the new Peugeot 208 is easily distinguished from its competitors, including the SEAT Ibiza. Indeed, the Spanish auto giant may struggle to compete against its French rival if it does not offer an electric version of the Ibiza in the future. The e-208 is also meant to provide a relaxing drive thanks to its engine, which produces 134bhp.