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Boxy SUV designs are making a comeback

Credits: www.team-bhp.com

In automotive design, what designers always keep looking for is the ‘next big thing’, or the ‘next trend’. Whether it is the whole shift from boxy looking SUVs with right angles to these soft-curve crossovers with sleek lines and curves or something as simple as placing big model name badges in the center of the boot.

The crossover and compact SUVs have become sort of an evolution in design of SUVs. The CR-V and the RAV4 – while they were once popular and still are, they have become, how do I put this — boring. It’s not new or revolutionary anymore. Those two, and all other compact SUVs that followed their lead look the same today.

Sure, there is Cadillac and Chevy and Lincoln who still have their boxy full-size SUVs. But, that’s just them. There was a point when boxy SUVs had become outdated. Crossovers were the next big thing.

What’s the next big thing in the car scene now? Well, you guessed it right. The electric revolution. But the electric revolution might have just resulted in boxy cars coming back.

Here are some reasons why I think boxy SUVs will make a return.

#1. Gas is cheap. Americans don’t care about fuel efficiency.

#2. The electric shift is happening and most iconic names among SUVs are coming back as electric cars or new age cars with styling similar to electric.

#3. Tesla’s CyberTruck – when Tesla does something, it is cool. I am sure there would be multiple copies of the CyberTruck, despite the number of people hating it now. The design of the CyberTruck would be the next big thing.

#4. The Kei Cars – They were always boxy and the reason these are popular in Japan are the same reasons why we need these back in other countries. These cars look quirky and interesting and they are highly functional/utilitarian. They can fit into small parking spaces but still have very spacious interiors.

#5. The new wave of boxy SUVs also has some good looking cars. Just because it’s boxy don’t mean it ain’t sexy!

#6. In places like India, with a boxy design, a hatchback becomes an SUV. And when it does, it sells.